Advertising with System Surveyor

Expanding Your Reach with Buyers: Ads Display While They Work & Design Systems!

Ipad with Ad and hand2System Surveyor is a business productivity tool helping system professionals perform their daily duties easier, faster and more effectively.   Consequently, many users are on System Surveyor on a daily basis – not just once or twice per month.

Our users are corporate and government technology managers, as well as consultants, system integrators, and manufacturers.   These users are responsible for planning, specifying and purchasing millions of dollars of equipment, software and services every year.   System Integrators use System Surveyor to collaborate with end-user customers while laying out a new system. This leads to decisions on technologies to incorporate in the solution to be offered – there’s no better time or place to be presenting relevant product information.

  • Every month, System Surveyor renders over 400,000 advertising impressions to professionals in IT, Electronic Security Systems, Audio-Visual and Fire Alarm Industries.
  • Deliver targeted advertising to influencers, specifiers and decision makers from the first moments of a project concept.
  • Average user session is over 10 minutes.
  • Advertising impressions persist for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  • Ad format is a standard Tablet Leaderboard (728×90) format with a click through to a URL of your choice.

Leaderboard ad impression can appear on System Surveyor mobile tablet application, Cloud Workspace (web-portal), or both.







Ad Impression on Mobile Tablet                            Ad Impression on Cloud Workspace

Users and Technology Targeting

By placing ads directly with System Surveyor, advertisers can target their ads to users with Specific System Types such as Video Surveillance or Audio-Visual.    Users can click the banner to access an advertisers’ promotional webpage or other information.   In addition, advertisers will be able to target specific user types such as corporate security managers or system integrators.

User Types:

☐ All (default)

☐ Corporate

☐ Government

☐ Consultants

☐ System Integrators

☐ Manufacturers


System Types:

☐ All (default)

☐ Video Surveillance

☐ Physical Access Control

☐ Intrusion Detection

☐ Information Technology

☐ Fire Alarm

☐ Audio-Visual

Ad Creative: Tablet Leaderboard Format (728×90)

Provide 728×90 JPG or PNG graphic file separately, titled with Ad Name.
ABC Camco Leaderboard Example3Standard pricing starts as $20/CPM, with a minimum order $100 per month for three months.   User and System Type targeting options are available for an additional cost.

Contact for additional information.