Frequently Asked Questions

As a System Surveyor Basic Account User, what do I get?

You get to experience the full product, not just a pared down trial version. Capture floor plans, drag and drop components, associate photos and notes all in one solution. Once you realize the benefits, you may want to add more users, more sites, more photos and more elements to cover your entire organization.

System Surveyor works on any device with a network connected Web browser or you can download the iPad app from the Apple App Store by Searching “System Surveyor”. Set up a Basic Account from our web site or the App to give it a try.

How do I create a site and a survey?

After logging into System Surveyor, simply tap the button that says ‘Add a Site’, enter the name and location of the site and click ‘Done’. This will launch a view for the site. Then click ‘Start New Survey’ button which will begin with a screen to import a floor plan.

How can I get the floor plan into System Surveyor?

From the Site overview screen, click on ‘Start New Survey’ and you will be presented with several options to import a floor plan.  These options include: 1) Import a .JPEG or PDF file from your Box™ or DropBox™ account, 2) import from the Photos database on your iPad, 3) use the iPad or device camera to snap a photo of paper floor plan, or 4) use the Quick Start option to start with a blank page.   If you don’t have a floor plan, simply sketch one out on paper and snap a photo to use it in System Surveyor.

Does the app work on any mobile device?

System Surveyor works on any device with a networked Web browser or the iPad app.

What are the minimum requirements for an iPad?

System Surveyor recommends the iPad devices that are currently offered for retail on the website.

Will my subscription renew?

Subscriptions will continue until you cancel, with paid subscriptions being automatically invoiced monthly. There are no long term commitments.   Once you experience the benefits of System Surveyor, we’re confident you’ll want to stick around.

Where can I find support?

Please visit our Support page and fill out a form to create a ticket with as much detail as possible. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I pay?

To subscribe to System Surveyor, go to the Pricing page and select ‘Sign Up’ on your preferred plan. Then, log in with your user account, or create a user account if you don’t have one and follow the prompts.   You can use a major credit card to complete your purchase.   Your account will be activated right away and available for use. A receipt will be e-mailed to you.

How secure is System Surveyor?

Click here for an overview of System Surveyor security.

Who developed System Surveyor?

System Surveyor was developed by seasoned technical professionals in the electronic physical security industry – and we believe that it shows.   After years of being frustrated by rudimentary site survey methods and a tedious system design process, as well as the challenges of keeping system records up to date, we decided to do something about it. And this is just the beginning. While we have our own ideas for making System Surveyor even better and more valuable, we’re counting on the System Surveyor user community for ideas and feedback to help set a new standard of professionalism in the electronic physical security industry.

Are there training videos for using System Surveyor?

While System Surveyor is intuitive and easy to use, we have incorporated some innovative concepts. Take a look at our videos page for the available tutorial videos. Or, email us at and we’ll be pleased to provide assistance.  Our support specialists will get right back to you, and if necessary, arrange an on-line session to help you out.

If I use the iPad app and create a survey, can I view survey information on the web site?

After creating a survey on your iPad, you can ‘synchronize’ the site and survey information to the Cloud Workspace associated with your account on   This allows you to view the floor plan with element layout and photos, and also modify the ‘element attributes’. Of course, you will want to refresh the synchronization from your iPad to make changes available there.

With the Team subscription, how does the team library function work?

Surveys are shared among Team members by using a Team Library. Team members have access to all surveys within the Library. A Team member will create a survey on the Team’s ‘Workbench’ on his iPad. After saving the survey, the Team member can select ‘Sync’ on the survey thumbnail from the Site Dashboard screen to upload the survey to the Team Library.   The survey edit privileges must be released by the current editor before another Team member can request edit privileges and modify the survey.

What is the difference between a ‘node’, ‘assembly’ and ‘component’?

The ‘Node’, ‘Assembly’ and ‘Component’ are all considered ‘Elements’ in System Surveyor and represented by a different icon shapes, specifically a square, hexagon and circle respectively. A Component (a circle icon) represents an actual piece of equipment (i.e. a camera, network switch or card reader). The Node and Assembly (the square and the hexagon icons) are logical containers as indicated by an outline around the icon. Components may be ‘dropped’ inside of these containers when they should be physically and logically grouped together. An example of an Assembly is a Single Access Control Door where it has 4 discrete components – a electrified lock, proximity card reader, door position switch and request to exit device. A Node would commonly contain a network switch, system server, centralized equipment panel, system software and UPS system.

What are the different colors of the icons?

System Surveyor supports multiple system types on the same survey. These are Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion Alarm, IT Systems and Fire Alarms. Each system type is represented by a different color. In some cases, a component may be available to be selected under multiple system types.

What happens to my information on System Surveyor if I downgrade or cancel my subscription?

If you downgrade your subscription, you will have the functionality and limitations of the new subscription.   While existing survey information will still be intact, the limitations of the subscription level may prevent you from editing this information.   Restoring the subscription to the previous level will restore access to this information.

More questions?

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