Corporate Security Systems

Any business or commercial entity that has multi-building corporations, franchises, warehouses, or other physical and electronic security needs use System Surveyor to:

  • Speed system design, implementation and break-fix
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Secure plans and records
  • Enable better asset accountability
Public-Sector and Education

Government and public-sector entities have extensive electronic system security requirements. They must manage lifecycle costs and maintenance while ensuring the utmost security. System Surveyor provides:

  • Audit-ready plans
  • Accelerate site surveys and implementation
  • Secure plans and ensure accountability
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Maintain multi-site system records
  • Ideal for school districts, government agencies, military installations, and public city and state locations

Case Study: UNLV’s Secret to Streamlining Security Projects

System Integrators and Consultants

Integrators and consultants can improve customer service, accelerate sales and improve profitability by accelerating system design, installation and maintenance.

  • Faster site surveys
  • Better collaboration with customers, designers and technicians
  • Reduce installation errors
  • Stop relying on CAD
  • Happy customers

Case Study: Star Asset Security Discovers System Surveyor

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More About our Plans

Why we created System Surveyor?

The process to design, maintain and keep track of electronic security systems and other tech assets has been harder than it should be. Professionals lean on cell phone cameras, note taking, email, spreadsheets, CAD and other tools but none of them pull it all together into one place. System Surveyor was designed by system professionals who make it easier and efficient by providing a better way to design, manage, and maintain the systems we rely on everyday.  Read the use cases for more information.

Case Study

Systems Integrators regularly work with enterprises, franchises, and government agencies to design state of the art security systems.  One system integrator found that they could cut site surveys down from hours of work to less than an hour to complete an on-site survey and collaborate with technicians to provide customers with a complete, turnkey plan. The result is happy customers, profitable systems integrators and more secure business and public-sector entities.  It’s a win win!

System Surveyor is the only all in one solution for system professionals!