Live and On-Demand Webinars: A great way to learn more about the value of System Surveyor and how to use it effectively for a fast ROI.

Monthly Training Webinar: Strategies to Streamline Your Team’s Site Survey Process
Wednesday, February 20th
11:30 am CST/12:30 pm EST

This training webinar highlights:

  • Tips and tricks to make digital site surveys more efficient and effective
  • Learn how to collaborate with your team on site surveys and designs
  • Securely share information with team members, customers and subcontractors

Features a LIVE demo and an interactive Q&A.


Webinar: Top 5 System Integration Trends in 2019 & Live Case Study
The System Integration industry is projected to grow 12% in 2019 according to the SS&I Gold Book 2019. This webinar will provide a high level overview of the trends and the opportunities – as well as pitfalls and challenges to capitalize on the growth.

This webinar highlights:

  • Top trends that we see for integrators and the industry ecosystem
  • Best practices and technology opportunities to differentiate, grow the business profitably, and have a life!
  • Live case study with Sebastian Hernandez, CTO of Nexus Communications Technology – a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and integrator who will share how they use System Surveyor and the impact on their business.

Live demo of System Surveyor and Q&A
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Webinar: Quantifying the Time Savings of Digital Site Surveys

Have you ever walked a site by marking up a paper floor plan and capturing pictures on a cell phone…and then spent half of your evening reconstructing the information for engineering? It may be costing more than a little frustration.

This webinar covers:

  • Why and how site surveys need to improve
  • Benefits of consistently gathering information
  • The domino effect for sales, installation, operations

Features a LIVE demo and an interactive Q&A.
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Monthly Training Webinar: Tips to Save Time in the Field on Site Surveys

This training webinar highlights:

  • Best practices for conducting a digital site survey
  • Tips and tricks to save time in the field
  • Interactive Q&A

Features a LIVE demo and an interactive Q&A.
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Webinar: 3 Secrets to Increasing Sales Productivity
As a System Integrator, one important measure of success is sales growth. How do you efficiently conduct site surveys and turn around accurate proposals faster?

  • Strategies for capturing customer requirements on a site walk for accurate proposals (the first time)
  • Using the budget estimator during a site walk to get on the same page
  • Working with your team to use technology effectively

Features a LIVE demo and an interactive Q&A.
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 Monthly Training: New User-Driven Features Overview

Thanks to the input from our incredible community of users, we’ve added some important new features to System Surveyor!

  • System Surveyor Legend: Including device count and element label.
  • Camera Badge Icon: Elements badges that identify those that contain pictures.
  • Improvements to Floor Plan Annotation Tool:Add notes, room names and numbers, and modify annotation font size.

Features a LIVE demo and an interactive Q&A.
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Monthly Training: How to Collaborate to Save Time and Eliminate Meetings

Learn about the importance of “collaboration” among key stakeholders and customers to achieve the best results from a system project. This training will cover how to:

  • Confirm agreement on a general system design on the first sales call.
  • Use the Budget Estimator feature to establish a project budget upfront.
  • Securely share information with team members, executives, customers, and subcontractors.

Features a LIVE demo and an interactive Q&A.
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