ROI & Reports

Report: ROI for System Integrators

What if you could impress your customers and increase your sales close win rate by 20%?
Fidelio Works conducted a study with 12 System Surveyor customers to find out the business ROI for the software platform and tools. They increased efficiency by 35% and improved profit margins by XX?  Read on to find out.

eBook: Physical Security Industry Benchmark Study & Recommendations

The Industry Imperative: Bridge the Digital Divide with Customers, Stakeholders & Partners.
More than 300 physical security leaders participated in this Summer 2020 study.  Find out what’s important to enterprise technology buyers and how solutions providers and system integrators need to evolve to meet the demands of the industry.  Complimentary eBook.
“It's critical that we show the customer what they are going to get up front. We are giving the customers confidence on what we can and cannot see."