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Ednetics Simplifies Project Planning & Proposal Process to to Deliver for K-12 Schools

System Surveyor helps to Deliver Accurate, Decision-Ready Proposals to Streamline Projects

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About Ednetics

Ednetics is a leading IT solutions provider serving public sector customers in the Western US for over twenty years with a focus on service and value.


Since 1997, the Idaho-based integrated technology solutions company, Ednetics, has worked to address the challenges K-12 schools face in acquiring and utilizing security technology. Over the years, their organization has grown to serve the public sector across the Western U.S. and expanded both their footprint and integrated technology portfolio to include everything from physical security infrastructure to integrated communications platforms, cybersecurity applications, and access control hardware. At the heart of every project they embark on, however, remains a desire to help customers benefit from the application of technology to make learning environments safer and security systems more collaborative and more effective. 

When tasked with updating an existing security system across seven campuses within a metropolitan school district, the team at Ednetics looked to the security industry’s favorite mobile app for site surveys and system design, System Surveyor, to simplify and streamline the process.

Ednetics Team

SOLUTION: System Surveyor - Digital Map for Security and IT System Design

As a secure, cloud-based platform, System Surveyor is designed to document and centralize a school district’s physical security, IT and technology assets in one place. With drag-and-drop simplicity, System Surveyor enables security directors, IT personnel, emergency managers and executive administrators to streamline security projects, whether they’re responsible for a single campus, a multi-site university network or an entire K-12 school district.

To address the specific needs of the deployment, Ednetics looked to System Surveyor as an all-in-one system design tool for their team to plan, design, budget, implement and maintain the hundreds of video surveillance, access control, voice services and networking infrastructure devices the district wanted to deploy across their seven campuses. 

“The trouble with our old approach was that, when we return to a deployment after a year, most campus maps and device details and placements were out of date, which meant if we wanted to make adjustments, we would have to start from scratch,” said Hector Guzman, Solutions Specialist at Ednetics. “With System Surveyor in our tool belt, we’re able to see the status of devices, initiate new installs, make adjustments and produce a finished as-built before walking off the site. The ability to share and visualize the final product with security directors and administrators has been a huge advantage to help us serve those customers.”

Long before the site survey, the Ednetics team used System Surveyor to build out an initial drawing of each campus’ plan, add proposed icons that indicated potential device placements and areas of coverage and begin a working draft of each campus’ system design. This proactive step made sure each individual site survey integrated the priorities the customer outlined beforehand and maximized the amount of time set aside to take pictures and notes, in real time, and collaborate on system design.

After concluding the site survey, Ednetics invited the customer to view the initial plan in the System Surveyor software and collaborate with other team members and partners on the initial design, automate a budget estimate and produce a bill of materials over the next 2-3 days—a process that, before they folded System Surveyor into their workflow, took up to 2-3 weeks. 

By cutting the time it took to plan, design, budget and propose the district’s security system in half, System Surveyor empowered the Ednetics team to deliver accurate, decision-ready proposals in record time.



Because System Surveyor is built to give key stakeholders the ability to access the most up-to-date digital as-built quickly and securely, Guzman said “everyone from facilities managers to superintendents could access and adjust details of the plan with the click of a button. It made gathering and employing information—during a site survey and throughout that system’s lifecycle management—an absolute piece of cake.”

In the end, the Ednetics team praised System Surveyor for closing the gaps in communication and resource access, reducing the possibility of mismanaged emergency responses and simplifying device upkeep and life-cycle management in the long term.

“During a site survey, I can build something while I’m walking and talking, which streamlines my work on site that I can deliver to my customers faster, which makes my life so much easier,” Guzman said. “Afterwards, I don’t have to worry about misplacing a document or misremembering a customer request. Everything I need is right where I need it, when I need it.”

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