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System Integrators

Drive sales and better customer engagement with an accurate, decision-ready design. Win more with faster, more professional designs & proposals. Learn more.

Technology Directors

Take control of life-cycle management with a digital as-built. Visualize with stakeholders and collaborate with partners and subcontractors. Learn more.


Easy, intelligent design for your products at the first site survey. Enable partners to automate a bill of materials for your brand. Learn more.

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Easy, Mobile Drag & Drop Design

Mobile-ready for a site walk in the field. Upload a floor plan or access Google Maps. Show device placements and area of coverage. Work offline and sync later.

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Perfect for Remote Collaboration

Engage everyone in the project in one place. Share projects and designs with your team, subcontractors, engineers and customers in real time.

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Product Benefits

Simplify site surveys, collaborate on security system design and automate a BOM.

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Still using paper floor plans and spreadsheets to design physical security systems for your customers? Learn how the System Surveyor security design software enables you to import a floor plan and start collaborating and designing the system with customers during the site survey. Digitally capture all the security system requirements quickly, drag and drop devices from your favorite security equipment manufacturers into the system design and generate a detailed, accurate bill of materials in seconds. Refine the physical security system design in real time, eliminating the need for emailing PDF floor plans back and forth which can add 2-3 weeks to the design proposal process. Get to a decision-ready proposal 80% faster, beat the competition and win more sales while building long-term customer relationships. System Integrators who use System Surveyor cut the security system design time in half and increase sales by 20%. Try a free demo today!

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