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General Questions

What Platforms Support System Surveyor?

System Surveyor works on any device with a network connected web browser. We recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as web browsers for the best web experience.

System Surveyor is also available as a tablet app and can be downloaded from the iPad Apple App Store or by searching “System Surveyor”. The tablet app works without internet connection. You can collect information in the field and then sync to the System Surveyor Cloud Workspace once an internet connection is established. For those who use Microsoft Surface, you can use System Surveyor on a network-connected Web browser.

View the minimum requirements and recommended devices.

Who Developed System Surveyor?

System Surveyor was developed by seasoned technical professionals from the IoT and systems industry – and we believe that it shows. After years of being frustrated by rudimentary site survey methods and a tedious system design process, as well as the challenges of keeping system records up to date, we decided to create a solution to streamline security operations. And this is just the beginning. While we have our own ideas for making System Surveyor’s physical security design software even better and more valuable, we’re counting on the System Surveyor user community for ideas and feedback to help set a new standard of professional services in the electronic security industry, AV, low voltage and a wide range of IoT systems industries and markets.

Are There Training Videos for Using System Surveyor?

While System Surveyor is intuitive and easy to use, we have incorporated some innovative concepts. Take a look at our help guide or Resource Center for the available tutorial videos. You can also send us a message via on the screen chat bubble or email us at and we’ll be pleased to provide assistance. Our support specialists will get right back to you, and if necessary, arrange an online session to help you out.

Where Can I Find Support?

You can get in contact with a member of our support team by using the on-screen chat located in the bottom right-hand corner of the user interface.  You can also contact us by email at or by phone at (737) 717-0163.

System Design Collaboration

How Can I Share My Project with Others?

All account levels have the ability to export security design layouts and device information as an Excel spreadsheet, PDF or PNG. Better yet, System Surveyor provides collaboration for your team within the platform using the Cloud workspace. Share projects with others on your team quickly and easily. For others outside of the organization, you have two options: 1) “Send a Link” for a quick way to send a “read-only” of the survey plan. 2) Use the Guest User feature to invite in a subcontractor or customer for a period of time for full read and write to the survey and project. There is no need to go back and forth exchanging emails or constantly updating PDF’s.

Can Multiple Users Work on the Same Site?

Yes, our subscriptions give organizations the ability to collaborate on projects and creates a seamless handoff between Sales, Estimators, Project Managers, Installers, Technicians and Facility Managers.

Multiple individuals can do site or job walks at a time in a quick and standardized way. There can only be one editor on a single floor plan at a time and users will have to “Release Survey Edit” before another team member can make any changes. Users can also “Request Survey Edit” from team members and an email will be sent automatically.

In addition, Team Accounts can also invite individuals outside of their team to collaborate on sites with our “Guest User” feature. The Guest User is great way to work with subcontractors, clients or integrators. Guest Users do not occupy a seat on your team, only have access to sites they are invited with your administration on whether they can make changes to surveys.

How Does the Team Library Function Work?

Surveys are shared among Team members by using a Team Library. Team members have access to all surveys within the Library. A Team member will create a survey on the Team’s ‘Workbench’. After saving the survey, the Team member can select ‘Sync’ on the survey thumbnail from the Site Dashboard screen to upload the survey to the Team Library. The survey edit privileges must be released by the current editor before another Team member can request edit privileges and modify the survey.

The Product — Physical Security System Design

What System Types are Available?

System Surveyor supports multiple system types on the same survey. These include Cable Infrastructure, Video Surveillance, Access Control, Intrusion Detection Systems, IT Systems, Fire Alarm, Life Safety, Facilities Equipment, Healthcare and Building Automation. Each system type is represented by a different color, but the icon colors can also be changed based on your organizational preference.

System Surveyor gives users the ability to apply filters to surveys based on system type and/or installation status. For example, if you only wanted to view proposed video surveillance cameras you can easily apply the on screen filter. Also, there is ability to run keyword searches on surveys.

If I Use the Tablet App and Create a Survey, Can I View Survey Information on the Website?

The System Surveyor app can be used offline; you can view floor plans, element layout, photos, and modify the ‘element attributes’ from the field. After creating a survey on your tablet, you can ‘sync’ the site and survey information to the Cloud Workspace associated with your account once you have internet connection. You can refresh the tablet once changes are made from the web and you will have to ‘Download” changes before leaving the office.

What Are Element Attributes?

System Surveyor is great for visually demonstrating the design and layout of multiple physical security components and systems, but you can also save more in-depth information for multiple systems. Within our Elements we have an attribute window which gives you the ability to collect Element information; everything from the Element name, installation notes, functional notes, configuration notes, hardware maintenance notes and pictures associated with the Element. You can also attach pdfs or web links within an Element, a great example is attaching installation data sheets. Update an activity log within the Element which can be used for additional comments for things like device updates by technicians.

What is the Difference Between a ‘Node’, ‘Assembly’ and ‘Component’?

The ‘Node’, ‘Assembly’ and ‘Component’ are all considered ‘Elements’ in System Surveyor and represented by different icon shapes, specifically a square, hexagon and circle respectively. A Component (a circle icon) represents an actual piece of equipment (i.e., a camera, network switch or card reader). The Node and Assembly (the square and the hexagon icons) are logical containers as indicated by an outline around the icon. Components may be ‘dropped’ inside of these containers when they should be physically and logically grouped together. An example of an Assembly is a Single Physical Access Control Door where it has 4 discrete components – an electrified lock, proximity card reader, door position switch and request to exit device. A Node would commonly contain a network switch, system server, centralized equipment panel, system software and UPS system.

Can I Create My Own Icons?

A subscription provides the ability to create ‘Element Profiles’. Element Profiles are a great way to create door assemblies, software packages, or multiple camera models.

Element Profiles allow the Team Admin to configure the attribute details for commonly used devices or components that can then be used by all team members. Users can have templates ready to go before they get on site to make it most productive.

The icon color and name can be saved, as well has other element information such as model, manufacturer, and installation details.

View our online help guide for more details.

Can I Create a Bill of Materials?

System Surveyor is not a quoting tool, but you can easily run a totals report to understand the number of devices at a site. Also, your subscription allows users to create an estimated budget range for a project. The budget range is calculated by using the labor rate (set by Team Admin), device price, device quantity and installation hours input by users. The Budget Range feature eliminates budget guesswork, and everyone is on the same page from the beginning of a project.

View our online help guide to learn more.

Can I Export Layouts from System Surveyor?

System Surveyor gives you the ability to run a variety of reports. All exports options can be found on the ‘Reports’ section on the site level or survey level. The exportable formats include Excel, PDF, or PNG.

With System Surveyor, not only can you export High Resolution Floor Plans and Layouts, but also an Element count, photos associated with a project, estimated cable length, Element details (including installation, functional, and configuration information), and maintenance date ranges.

View our online help guide to learn more.

Subscriptions & Pricing

Will My Subscription Renew?

Subscriptions will continue until you cancel. Paid subscriptions will be automatically invoiced monthly. There are no long-term commitments, unless you want to pay annually to take advantage of 10% savings. Once you experience the benefits of System Surveyor, we’re confident you’ll want to stick around.

How Can I Pay?

To subscribe to System Surveyor, go to the Pricing page and select ‘Get Started or Buy Team’ on your preferred plan. Then, log in with your user account, or create a user account if you don’t have one and follow the prompts. If you are already a user, you can upgrade at any point by clicking “Upgrade” on the Account screen. You can use a major credit card to complete your purchase. Your account will be activated right away and available for use. A receipt will be e-mailed to you. If you require a quote for a purchase order, go to the account page and click “Generate Quote” or contact us at

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

If you have a paid monthly subscription, you can downgrade your account anytime. Please email us at and we can assist or have your Account Admin downgrade on the Account page.

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