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Boost Sales: Streamline a
Site Survey to Decision-Ready Design  

Create accurate, professional designs for proposal in hours vs. weeks.

Drag & Drop, Capture Photos &
Automate a Bill of Materials

Eliminate hours of manual pre-sales work and capture a digital as-built in the process.

Improve Sales-to-Operations Handoffs
for Profitable Projects

Improve real-time collaboration and dynamic life-cycle details in one place.

Accelerated Sales: Streamline Site Surveys and Design

Wasting time with paper floor plans and handwritten notes? The average integrator spends up to 15-20 hours on creating a design from a manual process. Go digital with your site survey, capture photos in the moment and automate a bill fo materials to cut system design time 50%. Get to decision-ready proposals in a fraction of the time and increase sales by 20%.  

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Drag & Drop, Capture Photos and Automate a BOM

Import a floor plan. Place security, access control, building automation, cabling and low-voltage icons. Capture pictures for the engineering and ops team. Sync and start collaborating before getting back to the office. You’ll have the start of your bill of materials and proposal before leaving the site survey.  Bonus: look professional in the process.

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Improve Sales-to-Operations Handoffs for Profitable, Recurring Projects

What if your Operations team could not only finally see what Sales has sold but get involved earlier in the site survey and security system design process? Life gets better! Get everyone on one page in System Surveyor with  dynamic collaboration and a digital as-built. No more PDF markups and awkward, expensive handoffs. Capture the closed loop to installation and documentation for security system life-cycle management.

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Product Features

Simplify site surveys, collaborate on system design & automate a BOM



Take a digital site walk with customers and provide a professional, decision-ready design in hours versus weeks.

Engineers and Estimators

Get the full picture of customer needs with an accurate site survey & photos that captures everything in one place. 

Project Managers

Consistently manage multiple site surveys and security system designs without ever leaving the office.


Deliver the security system that the customer wants with an accurate, detailed site survey, photos & bill of materials. 


Install security devices and accessories right the first time without any missteps thanks to better details & information.


Streamline, standardize and optimize your workflows and increase customer satisfaction for healthier profit margins.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions here, along with other helpful resources in our Resource Center

Check out our latest reports and customer success stories and use our ROI Calculator to see how much your company can improve efficiency and increase sales and gross margins with System Surveyor. 

Our users tell us that they have grown sales more efficiently and profitably by gathering better information starting at the site survey. They reduce time to proposal in half or more and win 20% more of the time. Moreover, their profit margins are better with quality information and photos.

The top users tend to be sales, sales engineers, estimators, project managers and installers. Our customers use the Guest User feature to invite manufacturers to collaborate on security system design and sub-contractors for installations.

We have a philosophy to offer value for free. Create a Free Starter account that never expires and upgrade if you think it is helping your business.  There are monthly accounts for small teams and options for larger system integrator teams.

That is in the eye of the beholder but we get consistent input that people love 1) the ability to capture photos easily, saving a lot of time 2) out-of-the-box security device icons for low voltage, electronic physical security, IT and building automation rather than building them, and 3) automating a Bill of Materials!

Visit our plans for System Integrators. You can start for free and buy licenses online or let us know if we can help.