System Design Software

Putting everyone involved in designing and delivering systems on the same page.

Like a Virtual Engineer on Every Site Survey.

From the first site survey, understand exactly what’s needed and share it with the people who make it happen.

System Surveyor is an intelligent, mobile system design platform.

System Surveyor provides system integrators, technology directors, and consultants one place to gather site survey information. Visualize and collaborate with your team, customers and stakeholders to create an accurate system design and a digital as-built.

Eliminate inefficient site surveys that takes hours to put into an accurate, professional, and actionable system design. System Surveyor reduces costly truck rolls to get the job right.


Immediate Sharing on the Go

Bring System Surveyor into the field on a mobile tablet to do a site walk and capture requirements, pictures and details. Sync it back through the cloud to access it securely from anywhere.

digital as-built

Digital As-Builts at Your Fingertips

Gain more control over your proliferating IoT and building automation assets. Plan, budget and share with stakeholders in real-time. No matter how far-flung, manage your multi-location sites more efficiently.

full life cycle

Manage the Full Life-Cycle

Improve customer satisfaction and margins with all the information your technicians need at their fingertips. Manage it all full-circle.

Intuitive. Mobile. Collaborative. Purpose-Built.

Everything you could want in a system design platform.

Site Survey

Floor Plans
Import floor plans, take a picture of a fire escape plan, or grab a Google Earth picture. Set the scale and get started with a digital site walk. No more paper plan markups.
Photo Integration

Save time by capturing pictures directly into the survey. Take a photo of where a device should be installed, where to run a cable, or a tricky spot for an installer. In fact, have the installer take a picture too.

Area of Coverage

Show the area of coverage for a camera or the range of a wifi access point. Camera Advisor(™) will calculate the right video surveillance camera based on the resolution need.

Device Attributes

Automated, intelligent collection of device attributes for almost every type of system. Device, installation, functional, and maintenance, and other details make design, installation, and upkeep easy.

Budget Estimator

Set a budget for a project and track it as you design and plan. A great consultative tool with customers and stakeholders. Easy to put in device, labor and installation costs and a range.

System Design

Types of Systems

Purpose-built for system design. Available systems types and devices include electronic security, audio visual, cable infrastructure, IT, communications, building automation, fire alarms, facilities, healthcare and more.


Simply drag-and-drop devices on the digital floor plan or map. Configure cable paths and containers of related devices. Use color coding and other icons cues to share visually with your team or customer.


As an all-in-one system design platform, work on multiple systems in one plan. Easy to layer and filter for specific system types. For example, look only at the Access Control items or view all layers.

Product Specification

Define or import element profiles for favorite brands to automate and accelerate system design. Duplicate devices for quick and accurate site walks. Streamline design, budgeting and proposals.


Digital As-Built

Unlike a PDF markup tool, create a living, digital as-built that is cloud-based and updated in real-time. Manage the life cycle of projects and collaborate like never before.

Bill of Materials

Create a BOM in real-time as you design systems to save hours of time recounting systems, and eliminate human error and secondary spreadsheets. All reportable via PDF for export.

Critical Date Reports

For inspections and maintenance windows, run a critical data report for your team or subcontractor. Update in real-time on the platform to confirm work is completed.

Branded Reports

Customize reports with your logo and company name. Provide professional documents and survey layouts with summary, element counts, photo tours, cabling and more.

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