Case Study: NAVCO Leverages Easy to Use System Design Tool as a Consultative Differentiator

System Surveyor Improves Customer Collaboration and Sales-to-Operations Handoffs


navco-logo2As one of the nation’s largest privately-held system integrators, NAVCO has been successful for the past 46 years in part by taking a consultative approach to the front end of the sales process. While their sales team is not made up of engineers, they are highly trained resources with technical consulting expertise. NAVCO is always looking for ways to improve and streamline processes with the goal of a delivering their customers a picture-perfect installation. The question remained: how could NAVCO grow and train the consultative sales team, improve sales to operations handoffs, and run the business more consistently?  At NAVCO they know that staying ahead of the competition is critical.

QUote “We expect our salespeople to be trusted consultants to our customers, not just account managers, and we require them to acquire considerable technical expertise in the security industry,” says Glen Powell, Director of Technology and System Design at NAVCO.

Improving Sales to Operations Handoffs and Increasing Consistency

About a year ago, NAVCO discovered System Surveyor, an easy to use, mobile system design and management tool.  Prior to System Surveyor, the team used paper floor plans (blueprints), pictures on their cell phones, spreadsheets, and extensive time working with operations to make sure proposals were accurate. By putting System Surveyor on a mobile tablet in the hands of all of their national sales representatives, they quickly found that they could gather more consistent site surveys and pictures all in one place. This streamlined the process for a more efficient, accurate sales-to-operations handoff.

“System Surveyor greatly helps the handoff between sales and operations by creating a ‘record of design intent’ so that we can create an accurate scope of work before drafting formal drawings.  It saves a lot of time and increases accuracy for proposals which in turn speeds up sales,” said Powell.

Setting Apart from the Competition by Collaborating with Customers

NAVCO has also found that System Surveyor helps set them apart from the competition.  Because of the easy to use interface and mobile application, sales people find that customers want to collaborate with them and cooperatively edit the digital floor plan during the system design and site survey.  “The sales people are excited about the tool because they engage in a more interactive process with their customers or prospects and have received complimentary feedback about that experience,” said Powell.


Growing the Sales Team and Streamlining the Process

With System Surveyor, NAVCO managed to augment their already successful consultative sales process. It has been a great aid in standardization which is critical given that the organization is spread across the U.S.


“System Surveyor helps us have one team, one face so that everything is interchangeable.” 

With plans to grow and scale the sales team at a steady clip, the company will continue to make System Surveyor an integral part of their sales engagement and operations hand off process.  For the innovative sales people who use the tool to engage and collaborate early and often with their customers, the sky’s the limit.

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