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Star Asset Security Discovers System Surveyor

Integrator Uses Mobile, Cloud-Based Tool for Efficient, Consistent Security System Design

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For all the years that he’s worked on security system design, 35 years to be exact, David Fogle of Star Asset Security says that it has typically required engineers on-site to gather design requirements. Fortunately, he has finally found a better way and is now able to spread his years of expertise across multiple, complex projects at one time. For Fogle, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but pictures must have context and information. With System Surveyor, a mobile and cloud-based tool that simplifies the design, installation and maintenance of electronic security systems – he finally has all of the images, context and information he needs no matter where he is located or who gathers the information on a site walk.

About Star Asset Security

Star Asset Security, based in Orlando, Florida is an SD&I Fast 50 Company and PSA Security Member. The company has been providing full service security expertise since 1993 and is a provider of electronic security, video surveillance, access control and fire detection solutions. Star Asset Security is a women-owned small business with a GSA schedule and serves commercial, industrial, institutional companies, as well as government agencies on federal, state and local levels. As highly trained specialists, they have the knowledge expected by security-conscious customers. The company has decades of technical experience in security and safety solutions, and with continuous education, they always stay on top of the latest technology.

CHALLENGE: Helping Star Asset Security to Provide High Value Customer Service

Star Asset Security is an SD&I Fast 50, super-regional security system integrator with six offices and 100 employees primarily located across the Southeastern U.S. offering a national service footprint. Fogle provides engineering services across the region and is now able to spread his expertise working with new engineers, sales and technicians even when he is not able to be on-site at a project.

“Using System Surveyor, I can now have sales people or junior engineers go out and do a site survey and synch it back to engineers to build the quotes. I can request pictures of key items such as a door, door handle and where a lock would go. They can gather the details and requirements using a predefined set of questions and associate the pictures to elements for every aspect of a design including surveillance cameras, intrusion detection, access control and more. Then I can extract the information security via the cloud back at my office or in the field on another job site – it’s as if I walked the site myself.” Fogle notes that it is not an absolute replacement for walking a site, but it helps him manage risk and have the conversations needed to put proposals and designs together.


From a business perspective, this enables Fogle and his team to scale. He envisions training more junior engineers and the sales team to collect the data, allowing better, faster proposal building. System Surveyor gives him a “stratospheric view” over all the projects and allows him to drill down when needed. Fogle shares, “my margins go up because I can be spread across a larger pool of activities. I’m now able to expand beyond one branch to national accounts and other branches. I can be the engineer for multiple locations.”

From a customer service perspective, the company provides security system design and solutions for large complex customers and small to medium businesses. Beyond proposals and design, System Surveyor provides a very important output which is a system of record and documentation for every project.

“When an organization spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on a security system, providing detailed documentation is essential and highly valued,” says Fogle. This is an expensive endeavor using CAD, especially for smaller to midsize projects that are overkill for CAD. System Surveyor reduces the need to rely on CAD for most projects. “I can send a PDF document and reporting with our logo on the front directly from System Surveyor, it is very powerful”, says Fogle.

SOLUTION: Better Team Collaboration

For Star Asset Security, another important aspect of System Surveyor is the Team Subscriber functionality. Because there are multiple roles involved in their projects, he can collaborate with his team and see all of the projects they are working on in a Team Workbench dashboard. He has visibility into what each engineer, technician or project manager is working on and can provide feedback as needed.

When asked why business owners and executives should care about this innovation for system design and management, he does not hesitate. System Surveyor:

  • Streamlines the design process – and greatly improves efficiency and documentation.
  • Provides consistent results – even if 300 people were out conducting surveys, they will be more consistent, making it easier and more efficient to bid and manage projects.
  • Reducing design time by 40-50% – it allows them to sell engineering time but get back some breathing room, reduce costs, improve margins and take on more opportunities.

RESULTS: There’s No Going Back Now, System Surveyor Has Redefined System Design

Star Asset Security is an industry leader in adopting the mobile and cloud-based technology for system design and management. System Surveyor gives the business greater agility, scalability and efficiency to serve their customers with the deep expertise that they have come to expect.

Star Asset Security

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