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SSP Uses System Design Tool to Expand National Reach

System Surveyor’s Mobile and Cloud-Based Tool Enables Affiliate Network to Collaborate for Remote Site Surveys

SSP Security Solutions is a fast growing security systems integrator with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The company provides high quality consulting, engineering, installation, service, and system integration with an increasingly national footprint. With a commitment to embracing innovation to provide excellent customer service, the SSP team discovered System Surveyor, a system design tool, at the Spring PSA Security Network TEC event.

“The SSP leadership team was very impressed with System Surveyor at PSA TEC. We had not seen a company taking this approach to system design and we found it very refreshing. We quickly understood that it could help us grow and enhance our business and client services,” said Spencer Rundell, Co-founder and Operations Manager for SSP.

Partnering with PSA Security Network Affiliate for Site Surveys

The company quickly embraced System Surveyor, a mobile and cloud-based system design tool that simplifies the design, installation and maintenance of electronic security systems. One of the first opportunities was to use it for a client engagement in California. During a recent sales visit, the team was limited on time to conduct a comprehensive site walk to provide a thorough estimate and proposal.

While SSP team endeavors to capture all information up front at a site survey, sending an account manager or project manager as a follow up to California is expensive and time consuming costing several thousand dollars.  They realized that with System Surveyor, they could tap into the PSA member affiliate network and partner to subcontract the site survey walk and requirements gathering.

SSP quickly introduced System Surveyor to a local California-based, PSA member system integrator. The team immediately saw the opportunity and downloaded the app and tool for themselves. This allowed the subcontractor to conduct a detailed site walk on behalf of SSP and gather all the information for a large site into the tool with an electronic floor plan including pictures, notes, functional requirements and all of the details. That information was shared using the System Surveyor Cloud Workspace back to the team in Atlanta.

“It provided us with great visibility on what is currently on site and what equipment is there so we could deal with compatibility issues. Even with the distance of our team being in Atlanta and the customer in California, we could speak intelligently about the site because we had the pictures and details in an organized fashion. It increased confidence with the customer and helped us to maintain margins by getting the design and installation right the first time,” said Spencer.

Value Across the Board: Clients, Sales and Operations

One of the things Spencer highlights about the system design tool beyond reducing travel expenses, that the true value is to conduct more consistent, standard site surveys at the outset of a project. “When we get the right information the first time, it has a positive impact for everyone.  The client gets better service and documentation in a timely manner, account managers and project managers provide better information the first time to operations reducing scope creep, and SSP can deliver on the project efficiently.  Bottom-line, the customer gains more value and margins stay intact. It’s a win, win for everyone.”

System Surveyor is providing SSP with:

  • Easier and more standardized capture of site surveys including Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Fire Alarms and IT Systems.
  • Better packaging of documentation and reporting for the client providing value and confidence.
    Reduced reliance on CAD for some projects.
  • Ability for account managers to capture all information for project managers and operations.
  • Reduced risk of forgetting information after a site walk with photos and notes for reference by anyone on the team.
  • A standardized-way to get everything that needs to be gathered. “Otherwise it can be hit or miss.”

Just Scratching the Surface

According to Spencer, “we’re just scratching the surface on how to use System Surveyor to enhance and grow the business. We know that we have reduced system design time considerably. Our vision is to partner with more of our PSA Security Member affiliates to expand our geographic coverage. The more we adopt it as an industry, the better service and value we can all provide our customers.”

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