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What are On-Screen Totals?

In System Surveyor 2.0 easily see and communicate survey data in a totals view that allows customers, installers & techs a better understanding of the Survey.

Users can view a summary/totals in a few methods:

  • Element Name: This is based on the elements for a high level view of devices on a survey. Great for sales presenting data while on a site walk. Quickly gut check with customer
  • Installation Status: This is based on installation status of elements. Quickly see how many cameras are in place and how many are proposed. Users can identify and find devices that need their status to be updated. Or just a general summary
  • Model: This summarized survey data by model number. Gather a quick understand of actual device placement by model
  • Containers: Summarized by containers on a survey. Quickly see how many doors, racks,etc are on a survey. An easy way for installers to see what type of devices are located within doors,racks, etc
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