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How can I adjust my Area of Coverage?

Area of Coverage (AoC) is used to show coverage areas for cameras, motion detectors and other devices.  
1.  Adjust the depth and direction using the cross-shaped arrows  


2.  Adjust the angle using the wedge-shaped arrows 


The numeric depth and angle of the AoC is automatically calculated based upon the survey scale. 

The AoC menu will automatically open when you place the Element on your Survey. 

AoC menu options: 

1.  Modify the color and transparency of the AoC 

2.  Type in exact numbers for the Angle, or select from one of the pre-sets 

3.  Set a specific depth 

When you’re done adjusting the coverage, you can close the AoC menu by clicking the ‘X’ button.

You can reposition the camera after it is placed by closing the AoC at any time. 

If you want to reopen the AoC menu, touch the element and click the AoC button. 


System Surveyor 2.0