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How can I use the Drawing Tools?

You can add text, lines, arrows, circles, boxes and even freeform drawing from the survey edit window. Click the “Drawing Tools” on the left side bar on your survey edit screen. 


  • Click the Pencil icon – you can select your preferred color and sizing of your stroke. 
  • Removal of free-form drawing – 
    • Click “Undo” to erase the most recent drawing
    • Click on the drawing to delete – a blue box will pop up around the drawing and then click the trash icon to delete.

Arrow Tool

  • Select your color and size of the arrow 
  • Drop the line and drag the arrow point to your desired location 
  • To delete an arrow – click the red X on the arrow

Text Tool


  • Select your font size and color 
  • Click and drag on the survey to create a textbox. 
  • Enter your text 
  • You can move the text box on your survey using the ‘hand’ symbol 
System Surveyor 2.0