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How do I use Accessories?

It’s common for your devices to have additional components such as mounting brackets for video surveillance cameras or faceplates for door hardware. 
You can add this additional piece of equipment and automatically associate it with the related component using Accessories. Device Accessories are included in System Surveyor’s Budget Estimator feature as well as Enhanced Reports and Bill of Materials related to the device. 
To add accessories to your device: 
  • Select the Device 
  • Open the Device Attributes using either the “Pencil” icon or by clicking “Element Info” on the left-hand panel 
  • Click the Accessories tab, then click “+ Add” to create a new Accessory  


Enter the description, and any additional information for the accessory, then click “Ok”. 


Pro Tip – If you have accessories saved to an element profile, you can quickly add those by using the search bar. 
System Surveyor 2.0