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What are Containers?

Containers are a great way to group related devices and elements on your Surveys.

Need to add an E-Lock, Card Reader or other device to your Single Door element? You can do that with Containers!

To use a Container, follow these easy steps:
1.  Drag a Container Element (such as a Single Door) from your Element Library and place it on your Survey.

Pro Tip – Container Elements have a distinct border around the icon.


2.  Select the device you want to place into the container, drag it onto the floorplan and over the Container. You should see a green box pop up around the Container.


3. Drop the element, you should then see the device in a box above the Container.


4.  You can now view and edit the Container and sub-elements in the Container’s Element Info panel. You can use the drop-down at the top to toggle between the associated elements. 


System Surveyor 2.0