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Standardized Processes. Referable Customers. Scalability.

Running a Profitable Integration Business is Challenging

How do we delight customers and ensure profitable security system projects every time?
The secret is process and smart use of security system design technology across the company, starting at the site survey through to installation and maintenance.

Inconsistent design processes kill margins.

Inaccurate estimates, scope creep or go-backs by system designers reduce already tight margins. Moreover, they provide a poor customer experience. This is often due to lack of a consistent site survey and needs assessment. The right system design software will help the customer visualize the overall design solution, creating more confidence and trust — and more wins. It will also allow for you to do two steps in one: design a physical security or other system with a customer and automate a bill of materials for security system components in real time. 

Tight labor market makes scaling difficult.

Bringing on new talent and getting them into productivity is critical while optimizing experienced engineers and technical teams. This is where collaborative system design software can ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page and as efficient as possible. A design tool matters for sales, estimators, engineers, project managers, installers and partners. 

Streamline and Optimize for a Healthy Business

Become more systematic and use a purpose-built application to stay ahead of the competition.

Delight customers and maximize referral business
Customer experience is critical - provide value and better service and enjoy growth returns.
Standardize system design and management processes to scale the business
Get every person in the organization on the same page and reap the benefits.
Be best in class at sales and operations
Break the cycle of poor sales to operations handoffs and improve project wins and returns.
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A Better Customer Experience in Half the Time

Gathering details from a security assessment site walk in a single place makes the difference

Learn how to engage customers in security system design and build trust. Read our case studies for more ROI stories.

“My customers and A&Es want to make sure that everything that I design looks nice on their building. With System Surveyor, I can make the change on the fly and share it with all the stakeholders that deliver their system including the install team. The benefit is fast and visual information sharing. The informed customer is a great customer and it builds trust that we can work together effectively.”
Terry Rivet
“System Surveyor greatly helps the handoff between sales and operations by creating a ‘record of design intent’ so that we can create an accurate scope of work before drafting formal drawings. It saves a lot of time and increases accuracy for proposals which in turn speeds up sale.”
Glen Powell

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