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Reduce Design Time by 35% & Improve Sales Win Rate by 20%

We Need More Sales

How much of your day is spent creating a design from a paper floor plans?
Time that could be spent calling on more customers

A professional image is key to win business.

It’s a competitive world and your prospect has a few bids out. The sales team has to be smart about getting out to as many qualified prospects as possible and streamlining designs and proposals.

Accurate designs and proposals take time.

For most salespeople, every hour using a paper floor plan in the field to gather customer requirements turns into 2-3 hours at the office – trying to translate it into a design and proposal. It’s simply not scalable to meet sales goals.

Accelerate Sales by Going Digital

Streamlining site surveys and designs provides a competitive edge.

Visually engage customers to speed design
Starting with a digital floor plan or map changes everything. Drag-and-drop devices, show area of coverage, automate information gathering, and capture photos in real-time.
Leverage engineers and experts effectively​
Collaborate with your team and others quickly and easily. No more email or spreadsheets. Share designs and get feedback immediately.
Differentiate as a trusted advisor
The move from paper floor plans to digital site surveys increases confidence for prospects and results in a faster, higher close rate. Build long term relationships.

Engage Prospects, Create Accurate Proposals

Reduce system design time by 35% and increase sales conversions 20%. A fast and compelling ROI.

Find out how a sales team can collect all of the necessary data for better, accurate, faster proposals and how to win more jobs.  

“New technologies such as System Surveyor set us apart from the competition. For a recent client, the tool has been immensely useful in our work with upper management to review plans and new jobs. It has helped us grow the account by 200% and more to come!”
Thomas Mason
Thomas Mason
Strategic Account Manager, Star Asset Security
“Customers’ eyes brighten up when I show them their design on my iPad. System Surveyor gives them a 10,000 foot overview of where all the devices would go. The tool not only helps us design the system together, it also gives the customer skin in the game.”
Bienson Jones
Account Manager for Tech Electronics

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