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Reduce Design Time by 35% & Improve Sales Win Rate by 20%

We Need More Sales

How much of your day is spent creating a physical security system from a paper floor plans?
Time that could be spent calling on more customers.

A professional image is key to win business.

It’s a competitive world and your prospect has requested several bids. has a few bids out. The security solution sales team has to be smart about getting out to as many qualified prospects as possible and streamlining designs and proposals.

Good sales people know that starting a positive relationship as early as possible in the security services sales process is the key to success. Ideally, at the site survey or site walk, where you plan to work with the customer to gather requirements on critical infrastructure, is the best place to engage your customer visually and show them that you understand their security system needs and confirm the plan.  

Accurate designs and proposals take time.

For most salespeople, every hour using a paper floor plan in the field to gather customer requirements for an integrated security system turns into 2-3 hours at the office – trying to translate it into a design and proposal. It’s simply not scalable to meet sales goals.

By gathering information digitally at the first point in the process, rather than on a yellow pad, you’ll streamline the system design and proposal process. Before you’ve left a site survey,  you could have 75% of the work done already. The average security system integrator takes 11-20 hours on a proposal and only wins 1 out of 3. That is not a winning return.

By conducting an accurate mobile site survey and detailed analysis of your customer’s specific needs the first time, you can reduce the time to proposal and win 20% more of them right out of the gate.

Accelerate Sales by Going Digital

Streamlining site surveys and designs provides a competitive edge.

Visually engage customers to speed design
Starting with a digital floor plan or map for a site survey changes everything. Drag-and-drop devices, show area of coverage, automate information gathering, and capture photos in real-time for your customer's security needs. You’ll be the site surveyor who they invite in over and over again.
Leverage engineers and experts effectively​
Collaborate with your estimation and project management team and others on the best solution quickly and easily. No more email or spreadsheets. Share designs and get feedback immediately to win your design proposal.
Differentiate as a trusted advisor and a true guide
The move from paper floor plans and pictures on a mobile phone to digital site surveys increases confidence for prospects, delivers better customer service and results in a faster, higher close rate. As trusted system integrator partners, you’ll build long-term relationships and sell higher value-add security equipment solutions to your physical security and technology customers.
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Engage Prospects, Create Accurate Proposals

Reduce complex system design time by 35% and increase sales conversions 20%. A fast and compelling ROI.

Find out how a security system integration sales team can collect all of the necessary data at a site survey for better, accurate, faster proposals and how to win more jobs.  

“System Surveyor acts as another brain for us. We can reference any information quickly in front of clients. It’s enabling us to impress customers and drive sales.”
Thomas Herr, Vice President of Business Development for Matrix-NDI.
Thomas Herr
Vice President of Business Development, Matrix-NDI
“Customers’ eyes brighten up when I show them their design on my iPad. System Surveyor gives them a 10,000-foot overview of where all the devices would go. The tool not only helps us design the system together, it also gives the customer skin in the game.”
Account Manager at Tech Electronics

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