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Improve Site Surveys. Efficiently Plan and Budget. Do More with Less.

Campus-Wide Security Systems are Hard to Manage

How to be everywhere at once and keep the team on the same page?
Utilize software solutions that engage stakeholders visually and manage mission-critical projects in Universities & K-12 schools.

The need for advanced technology at an efficient cost.

The number one priority for community members and administrative leaders is student safety. Without the right tools, having a small team manage the physical security of an extensive campus or school district can be challenging.

Inability to communicate with stakeholders.

From school administrators to first responders, many people need information about technology to use it wisely and to be able to make the most informed decisions about the security systems in place.

A Digital Map, Campus-wide

Visual technology asset management across facilities - campus, building, classroom, lunchroom and on

Fast, accurate site surveys with stakeholders
Visually capture exactly what is needed for school security plans and identify where to procure and install security cameras or access control systems across school grounds with ease.
Easy to use for student workers or subcontractors
Easy to drag and drop elements for video surveillance, door locks and access control systems, fire alarms, and more on floor plans or Google Maps to gather requirements for threat assessment teams in no time.
Securely cloud-accessible for the team
Promote school safety with accessibility and communication. Collaborate with local and remote school staff members, public safety partners, first responders, and subcontractors to close the information gaps, preparing for and preventing emergency situations.

Secret to Streamlining Security Projects

Growth in Campus Security Projects Difficult with Outdated Processes

Find the best practices that improve security and student safety while saving real-time for IT and security departments.

Read the full case study for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

“We use it extensively for surveys. The ability to bring pictures into the software was huge benefit, in the past it always had to be a second step. Now we can do everything within the same app and our Planning and Construction folks absolutely love it. We make life a lot easier for them.”
Ryan Doyle
Ryan Doyle
Police IT Services, UNLV
“With System Surveyor we have reduced system design time considerably. The more we adopt it as an industry, the better service and value we can all provide our customers.”
Spencer Rundell
SSP Security Solutions

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