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Designing Security and IoT Solutions for Health Systems

How to efficiently manage the life-cycle of mission-critical systems and security in healthcare settings?

Start by doing a physical security needs assessment with your stakeholders and map out exactly what you’ll need, whether it’s a nurse call system for patients, panic buttons to protect healthcare workers or RFID sensors for infant tracking. 

Expensive and inefficient to run site surveys.

Without a collaboration platform, relying on drawing tools and spreadsheets causes extra work and travel. With new healthcare mandates to protect patients and healthcare providers alike, there is extra work to do with security system design. Review and visualize security and technology design plans with healthcare providers to get their input and also for auditing and maintenance purposes. 

Increasing, complex new technology needs.

Many healthcare systems have no map to see what physical security measures are in place and when equipment needs to be maintained. Healthcare safety solutions are becoming increasingly important and a great opportunity to leverage accessible technology. To plan, adopt and install the technology requires a digital system design tool with the ability to map and document all the assets in one place. That’s where System Surveyor can help. 

One Platform to Manage All Projects

Internal projects to working with security teams and system integrators

System design collaboration platform that is securely accessible by team and partners
For design or on-going maintenance, securely access design or as-built from the cloud.
Virtual site surveys when you can’t get there or in-the-field mobile tablet app for site walks on premises
Ask the team to walk a site like you’re in the room -- photos, device placement, details in one place. From access control and video surveillance to nurse call systems and other physical safeguards.
Visualize solutions with stakeholders in real time
Impress management and healthcare facilities with organized, visual digital plans. Interactively budget and make healthcare security solutions and safety decisions.
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Healthier Facility and Asset Management

Helping technology directors at healthcare facilities communicate with stakeholders

Learn how to speed up your physical security solutions process and improve communication. Read our case studies to learn more about System Surveyor.

“The tool is working for us and has cleaned up a number of outstanding procedural problems for us. I have printed some of the design diagrams, taken them to meetings, and blown away the other facilities folks!”
Facilities Manager
Healthcare System
“I’m still learning all of the things I can do with System Surveyor! My customers light up when they see the surveys and I use them in every proposal now. It ensures that both the customer and I understand exactly what is being conveyed and that we’re on the same page.”
Dave Bryan
Account Executive, System Integrator

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