Solutions for Public Sector Technology Directors

Better Site Surveys. Efficient Design. Mission-Critical Management.

Managing Proliferating Technology Securely and Efficiently

How to share system design and as-built securely to manage mission critical technology assets?

desktop collaboration digital plans

As-builts are hard to find.

Planning, budgeting and managing systems is inefficient without accurate as-builts.

Inability to securely collaborate.

Managing multi-site campus or far flung locations is difficult with spreadsheets, emails, and PDF markups.

Efficient Site Walks and Securely Accessible As-Builts

One platform to manage the life-cycle of systems for public sector organizations.

Engage with stakeholders with confidence
Visually capture exactly what is needed and where to procure and install with ease.
Securely cloud accessible for the team
Collaborate with local and remote team members, partners and subcontractors without email.
Designed for system professionals
Ready for system design out of the box, no icons to create.
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Maintain a High-Grade As-Built

Increasing productivity with photos and details on-hand

Learn how to increase your team’s efficiency by keeping plans, photos, maintenance notes, and more all in one place. Read our case studies.

“I was exposed to this recently by our integrator. I am amazed at the increase in productivity while maintaining a high grade “as built” drawing that is easy to edit. The ability to insert photos is a nice touch. No reason to have a shoddy markup with this awesome tool!”
Wade Horton
Global Security
“I honestly do not know how I did my job without a tool such as this. I love it!”
Brad Wilkins
Integration Engineers

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Maintain and share your next system design securely, with System Surveyor.

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