System Surveyor API

System Surveyor offers the ability to exchange certain data from the System Surveyor platform with other third-party applications via an Application Programming Interface (API). The System Surveyor interface utilizes a RESTful API approach. The general scenarios contemplated for this use case include:

  1. A user logs into a third-party application where the user may view or edit certain information retrieved from System Surveyor in real time. Shared information edited by this user in the third-party application could also update information in System Surveyor, depending on the implementation.
  2. A user logs into System Surveyor and can view and edit certain information retrieved from a third-party system in real-time.

Below is a high-level description of the information made available for transfer via the System Surveyor API. The response status will indicate if a request was successful, and all responses will be in the JSON format. The API authentication will be linked to a System Surveyor Account Admin User configured in the System Surveyor platform. Any site or edit restrictions applied within the System Surveyor platform to the Account Admin User will be enforced by the API. A throttling mechanism may limit the number of requests made within a specific time interval.

Use of the System Surveyor API requires and is subject to an API Use Agreement. System Surveyor reserves the right to discontinue API access to the platform for non-compliance with the API Use Agreement or if the company determines that such use is negatively impacting system performance, or for system maintenance. To see what plans support the API, visit the plans & pricing page.

Category Description Endpoint URL
User Get and update user information associated with the linked account. This includes fields such as:

  • User_id
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Role
  • Permissions
Team Get a list of Teams that the user is a part of:

  • Team Name
  • Team ID
  • Account ID
  • Labor Rate
  • Budget Estimator Range
Site List Get a list of Sites and site folders with list of embedded Sites. /v3/sites/
Site Create or update Site information, delete an existing Site, and get Site information for existing sites. This will include fields such as:

  • Site id
  • Site Name
  • Address
  • Label
  • Team
  • Version
  • Site Level Permission
  • Reference
  • Created By
  • Created Date
Folders Create a new Site folder or Survey folder or delete existing folders if they are empty. Folders may contain Sites or Surveys, but not both. /v3/folder/{folder_id}
Survey List Get a list of Surveys within a Site. /v3/site/{site_id}/surveys
Survey Retrieve full Survey information including Survey Information as well as Element information

The API action may create a new Survey, delete an existing Survey, or update Survey information. Survey Information includes fields such as:

  • Survey id
  • Title
  • Description
  • Location
  • Current Editor
  • Created Date
  • Created By
  • Modified Date
  • Modified By

Element Information retrieved as part of the Survey Information will include a list of all Elements on a survey along with attributes and attributes content. Attribute content may be updated. The survey attributes include :

  • Element Name
  • Element Status
  • Model
  • Manufacturer
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Labor Hours
  • Installation date
  • Warranty Date
  • Serial Number
  • IP Address/MAC Address
Survey Resources Retrieve or send images and PDF attachments related to an Element associated with a Survey. Limits per element will apply. /v3/resource/
Reports Create or update Site information, delete an existing Site, and get Site information for existing sites. This will include fields such as:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Bill of Materials by Survey
  • Cable Path
  • Floor Plans
  • Elements
  • Photo Tour

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