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Referral Program Rules & Eligibility

Official Program Rules & Eligibility:

  • While we encourage program participation, the following are not eligible for the referral program:
    • System Surveyor Marketing/Manufacturer representatives (but please share with your resellers and we all benefit).
    • System Surveyor employees or family members.
  • Referrals to System Surveyor must become a paying customer for 1 full month to be eligible to receive referral incentive and must become a paying subscriber within 6 months of initiated referral. If they cancel before the end of the 1st month, the referrer is not eligible to receive incentive.  
  • The person/Team being referred will be offered 5% off list price of System Surveyor which is eligible for one year on monthly or annual subscription. Not eligible for volume tiered pricing.
  • A Referral made to one person who signs up with a Team of multiple users counts as one referral.  The Referrer may refer multiple customers but customer account team counts for one $50 USD egiftcard. Expansions thereafter are not included for additional referral incentives. Referrer and person referred have a referral code at the time of becoming a customer.
  • Referrer must submit valid email address to receive e-gift card and use referral code to get credit.  Please allow for 8 weeks after your referral becomes a customer to receive e-gift card.
  • If you want information on the status of your referral, please email sales@SystemSurveyor.com with Referral Status in subject line with the name of the person you referred and their email address.
  • Referrer must be allowed by their organization to receive an e-gift card. If unable to receive benefits, System Surveyor will take referral incentive and donate it to a non-profit scholarship for continued training of professionals in the industry. This cannot be selected by the referee for ease of administration to maximize donation.
  • System Surveyor reserves the right to change the program at any time.
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