[PSA TEC 2022 Panel Discussion] How a Digital Transformation Business Mindset Can Improve a System Integration Business

Room GS 12
Tuesday, May 17th, 2022
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

What the heck is this digital transformation trend and why should I care? Think stone age to space age. Manual paper workflow methods are slower, don’t scale, are expensive, require more overhead (people), are not resilient (think 2020) and eat up your profit margins using primitive tools. To grow you add people, except that talent end of the pool is a little shallow today. Think about scrambling in 2020 when face-to-face team interaction and customers visits changed in a heartbeat. Think about doing more business, and faster, more profitability with less people and stress; that would be digital transformation. This unique and balanced panel will bring great insights as Paul facilitates the haring of the knowledge and advice effectively.


Brian Schmidt, President of Schmidt Security Pro

Tracey Larson, President of WeSuite

Maureen Carlson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at System Surveyor

Brad Dempsey, VP of Sales, Solutions360

Learning Objectives:
  • Examine how digital transformation is a approached from different business disciplines and perspectives to enable them to choose a strategy that will work for them
  • Recognize the success and failures of others in constructive ways to enable better decision making support for themselves
  • Expand the PSA network of contacts that are the “go to” people to help provide advice and mentoring on their journey down the digital transformation highway

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