System Surveyor Boosts Security Controls of Collaborative System Design Platform

New release provides more granular control of Site Access Permissions and improves ease of use

AUSTIN, Texas – Aug. 10, 2021 – System Surveyor has increased security and ease of administration for its customers via the latest release of its intelligent system design platform. New features enable professionals who provide physical security and other IoT system solutions to have more control over site access and administrative permissions. From a business perspective, system integrators can better secure the confidential information of their own customers.

New capabilities include:

Single Sign On (SSO): Now available on the Enterprise Plan, SSO provides another layer of security to application access, using the SAML Standard.

Site Permissions: System Surveyor customers with larger teams now have more granular control over who can access specific security system designs and sites, such as specific locations or buildings. This includes controls for all users, guest users, and subcontractors for collaboration. Team Permissions allow Site Creators and Admins to change the permissions of all the users on the team to Edit, Read Only, or No Access, with the ability to set individual exceptions. Watch this short video to learn more.

“As the use of System Surveyor grows within organizations, the ability to manage who can access and change what information is critical,” said Chris Hugman, CEO of System Surveyor. “This new version of the System Surveyor platform will enable both enterprise users and system integrators to better meet strict security protocols. It will also help customers increase adoption, since they can control levels of access and facilitate more secure collaboration across extended project teams and departments.”

Other new designs and enhancements include:

  • An updated user interface to make site management and collaboration easy and secure.
  • Site Overview: The screen where users can preview surveys has a new look and feel on the web version. Users can now toggle between list and grid views of surveys for quick searching, and change the survey sort order based on multiple factors.
  • Contacts: Users can now more easily add contacts to keep track of customers, subcontractors, facility staff, etc. 
  • Guest Users: Users can easily invite contacts as Guest Users (now from the iOS app as well)and set an allotted amount of time they will have site access. Guest Users permissions can be set as Edit or Read Only. 
  • Send a Link: Users can send a view-only link by inputting an email and expiration date.

About System Surveyor

The System Surveyor mobile, SaaS-based platform enables everyone involved in system design, installation, and maintenance to collaborate on an unprecedented scale. Working together in one system of record, professionals can better plan and manage the systems organizations rely on every day: video surveillance, CCTV, access control, fire alarm, IT, building automation, AV, healthcare, and more. From system integrators to end customers to subcontractors, the benefits are increased sales, faster project completions, higher satisfaction, and enhanced long-term service levels. Try all features and collaboration of the product in the free Starter Plan. Based in Austin, Texas, System Surveyor can be found at

Watch the video on NEW Site Permissions.