What’s NEW! In System Surveyor V4.5

It’s here – another big release for System Surveyor, the leading system design and management solution for integrators and system leaders.

General Enhancements

  • Enhanced platform security with password complexity enforcement intrusion monitoring/prevention/detection enhancements.
  • Improves the floor plan resolution and icon sizing to support system design for large facilities.
  • New Allows user to link to a web page or upload PDF file in Attribute Window Photo pane.
  • New Ability to update element attributes on all elements on a survey via spreadsheet export / update / import process.
  • Allows text entry when selecting “Other” as an Attribute selection.
  • Various UI enhancements:
    • better readability of element labels,
    • improved scrolling within system types,
    • click off anywhere to close container expand menu.
  • Sync Utilities on iPad App to keep files up to date and backed up.
  • Allow users to Duplicate Surveys on Cloud Workspace and inside folders.
  • Complete redesign of Reporting functionality:
    • Improved Reporting menu and workflow.
    • Site level reporting for multiple surveys.
    • Updated and consolidated PDF formats.
    • Reports run with search filter criteria.
    • New Critical Date Report to provide for all elements meeting date range for Installation, Warranty, Service, Inspection or End of Life dates.
  • Enhanced platform security with new intrusion monitoring/prevention/detection capabilities, password complexity enforcement and other enhancements.
  • Improve performance of Web-browser interface.
  • Add conflict handler to Cloud Workspace to alert users to updates on their mobile tablet which have not been synchronized to the Cloud Workspace.

Additional features for Professional and Team Accounts

  • New Add Element Activity Log with user/timestamp capture of activity for each Element for Pro and Team Users.

Additional features for Team Accounts

  • New Element Profiles: Allow Team Administrator to preconfigure element profiles to be used by all Team Members, including pre-assembly of “containers” such as Nodes or Doors.
  • New Budget Estimation feature for Team Accounts calculates a budget estimate for each element applied to a survey based upon standard pricing and labor units and provides total Budget Estimation Range for entire survey.
  • Add Quantity Attribute to all Elements allowing the user to simply a multiple quantity of a device such as door contacts.
  • When a user “Requests Edit” a notification email will be sent to the current editor.

If you currently use System Surveyor, the new update is available on the AppStore.
We’re always interested in your feedback! Drop us a line: info@systemsurveyor.com.