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Why pros love System Surveyor 2.0; the industry’s favorite site survey & system design app

There are mobile apps and software platforms that go above and beyond to make people’s lives easier and better.

For the system design pros who are responsible for physical security, audio-visual, building management and other technologies – that app is System Surveyor 2.0.

Hear from our user community and team members about their favorite features and what they love from the exhibit floor of ASIS GSX 2023 in Dallas. Whether it is taking it into the field to do a site walk or visualizing design with key stakeholders – they look more professional and confident in their work.

Better site surveys, system design, automated bill of materials and accurate decisions make for better business and improved security.

System Surveyor launched System Surveyor 2.0, the next generation of the industry’s favorite mobile tablet app for site surveys and system design. Based on more than seven years of use by thousands of industry professionals, the new app introduces several new features that enhance user experience on the platform’s mobile app, streamline site surveys with drag-and-drop simplicity, facilitate system lifecycle management and accelerate the proposal creation process by automating a bill of materials for decision-ready, professional proposals.

Now optimized for use on iOS and Android tablets, System Surveyor 2.0’s intuitive user interface and upgraded performance empowers users at every stage of the system design workflow, from preparing and annotating site surveys in the field to communicating and coordinating maintenance changes to a system over time. For integrators, System Surveyor 2.0 cuts project timelines from weeks to days or hours. For corporate and campus security professionals, the new release makes it easier to document and design systems, collaborate with partners and oversee the lifecycle of their devices.

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