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Upcoming Webinars

Check out our upcoming webinars and overviews of System Surveyor on the events calendar.  Below, we also offer on-demand, recorded webinars 24 x 7.

[LIVE] [Webinar] Getting Started & Conducting Effective Site Surveys
Wednesday, October 14th
11:30 am- 12:30 pm CST

Please join us for our Monthly System Surveyor Training Webinar.

  • How to use System Surveyor to the full potential
  • Simple tips and tricks for using it remotely and collaborating
  • Learn how to collaborate with your team

On-Demand Webinars

[Webinar] Physical Security Industry Benchmark Study: Bridging the Digital Divide

This webinar explores the findings of a new study with 300 physical security professionals – and what it means for you.

The survey found that while 44% of enterprise security leaders say they’re fast-tracking security projects, 71% said their budgets are not increasing. At the same time, 44% said their security integrators could do better to understand their needs.

This session digs into the digital divide for the physical security industry and steps you can take to collaborate to meet your goals. 

Webinar: System Surveyor Power-User Tips & Best Practices

There’s nothing better than to hear from our real-world community users and their recommendations! Watch System Surveyor power-users, Gary Hoffner, VP at PSLA Security & Jason Herrington, VP at Rinkor Technology Solutions in this new webinar discussing their favorite features, tips and best practices for collaboration and customer engagement in unprecedented times.

Training Webinar: Getting Started & Conducting Effective Site Surveys

This webinar highlights:

  • How to use System Surveyor to the full potential
  • Simple tips and tricks for using it remotely and collaborating
  • Learn how to collaborate with your team

Hanwha Techwin & System Surveyor team up!

This webinar highlights:

  • System Surveyor brief overview
  • Ease of use/live demo
  • Hanwha Techwin & System Surveyor partnership

Role of Physical Security: 4 Ways to Help with Workplace Reopening

This webinar highlights:

  • How to help your customers/stakeholders plan and implement technology for re-opening – even if you can’t visit sites.
  • Why now is the time to engage in new ways to visualize and co-design solutions remotely.  The team will share considerations for thermal cameras and “touchless” access control and other insights to advise effectively.

Guest speakers from Tech Electronics, Hikvision & System Surveyor discuss best practices to help with 4 key components for reopening: planning, preparation, accessibility, and coordination. 

Retooling to Deliver Mission-Critical Security: During Crisis & After Recovery

New webinar moderated by Chris Hugman, CEO of System Surveyor, Terry Rivet, President and CEO of Securitronics and Ken Walker, Director of Enterprise Security, Safety & Systemspanelists.

This webinar highlights:

  • Best practices to engage customers and serve them effectively by engaging visually.

  • How to use technology to be the eyes and ears from a distance to design and deliver systems.

  • Ways to collaborate with customers and other partners to help deliver in far-reaching places (or in those with limited on-site access)

New Features & New User Training

New features to share and important training that you don’t want to miss.

This webinar highlights:

  • New Features Overview – For everyone.
  • New Users – Stay on to get our standard training if you are new to the platform.

Tips for Remote System Design & Virtual Site Surveys

Sharing best practices on how to use technology to continue to deliver services as effectively as possible.

This webinar highlights:

  • Best practices for engaging virtually for site surveys, design and life-cycle system management
  • How to use web/video conferencing together with System Surveyor; benefits of the guest user feature
  • Panel discussion on best practices and ideas to share
  • New features of System Surveyor that can help
  • Live demo and Q&A with the community

Status Quo or Digital System Design for 2020? Live Case Study

The Case for Moving from Paper & Pen to a Mobile Platform to Improve Customer Experience

This webinar highlights:

  • Why today’s customer engagement is limiting and where it needs to go
  • Easy steps to engage customers and stakeholders visually during site surveys
  • How to import a floor plan, drag and drop system elements, and take pictures – why these 3 things can set you apart
  • Live action demo with Konica Minolta

Training Webinar: Getting Started & Conducting Effective Site Surveys

This webinar highlights:

  • How to use System Surveyor to the full potential
  • Simple tips and tricks for using it in the field
  • Learn how to collaborate with your team
  • Latest upgrades to the platform
  • Demo and live Q&A

4 Ways to Grow a Systems Integration Business

The Security Industry Association (SIA) presents a new webinar exploring disruptive trends and opportunities for growth faced by system integrators in today’s market.

This webinar highlights:

  • Implement best practices to better understand the needs of prospects and customers
  • Become a trusted adviser
  • Sell higher value-added solutions with profitable margins
  • Utilize four key factors to differentiate and grow

3 Secrets to Increasing Sales with System Surveyor

This webinar highlights:

  • Strategies for capturing customer requirements on a site walk for accurate proposals (the first time)
  • Using the budget estimator during a site walk to get on the same page
  • Get the first look at a NEW Camera Calculator to help consult with customers to prescribe the right surveillance camera
  • Demo and live Q&A

Simplifying Handoffs and Improving Collaboration [For Accurate System Design]

This webinar highlights:

  • A few examples from our recent ‘ugliest site survey contest’
  • The pain and cost of trying to understand someone else’s “art”
  • Capturing customer requirements all-in-one place and collaborating digitally
  • Demo and live Q&A

Live demo of System Surveyor and Q&A

Training Webinar: New Features to Help you Streamline Site Surveys

This webinar highlights:

  • 2 new features and how to apply them to site surveys
  • Simple tips and tricks for using it in the field and how to set up Element Profiles
  • How to collaborate with your team, customers, stakeholders by sharing a survey or interactively working on a survey

Live demo of System Surveyor and Q&A

Webinar: Quantifying the Time Savings of Digital Site Surveys

Have you ever walked a site by marking up a paper floor plan and capturing pictures on a cell phone…and then spent half of your evening reconstructing the information for engineering? It may be costing more than a little frustration.

This webinar covers:

  • Why and how site surveys need to improve
  • Benefits of consistently gathering information
  • The domino effect for sales, installation, operations

Features a LIVE demo and an interactive Q&A.