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Tips for Transition to System Surveyor 2.0

We know that your surveys and photos are important in your daily work! Already, nearly 1,000 aggregate surveys have been performed using our new System Surveyor 2.0 app. 


As with any new app and transition, there are a few ways to smooth the process and ensure a great experience.  Please follow these and we are here to assist. 

5 Key Tips for Transition to System Surveyor 2.0 


1. First, get the new app 
  • Download the new app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Search “System Surveyor 2.0”.  Note that this new app can coexist with System Surveyor Classic on your tablet, but they are two separate apps.
2. Make sure any surveys you have saved on System Surveyor Classic app are synchronized to the Cloud 
  • Surveys created or edited on the Classic app will need to be synced before you can view and edit them on System Surveyor 2.0 app and vice-versa.
3. Update the app monthly & read Release Notes! We are putting out new builds monthly so make sure to check frequently that your app is up to date.   
  • Update monthly: when in doubt, go back to your app store, no need to reinstall.
  • You can also check our Release Notes for up-to-date information on new features & bug fixes. 
  • Visit our new 2.0 Help Center for articles, videos, webinars and more.
 4. Try it first before a critical survey! 
  • Test creating a survey & editing before going on site.
  • Practice using the new interface by dragging an Element on to survey, attaching a photo and sync the survey.
  • Best practices: After your first sync, check the survey on the Web version to make sure it matches the edits you made, and everything has synched properly. 
5. Please submit any bugs or issues to 


System Surveyor 2.0