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System Surveyor V2.0 App: Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the System Surveyor 2.0 App

Last updated May 22, 2024

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Recent Changes


1.2.2 (5/22/2024)

  • Added Site List Filters to filter sites by team
  • Added the ability to save photos to a System Surveyor album on your device
  • Added survey and element details to photos saved on your device
  • Fixed miscellaneous sync issues
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

1.1.1 (4/5/2024)

  • Defaulted the app to sync over wifi only
  • Added sync over wifi only in app menu settings
  • Introduced Element Info – Activity Log
  • Implemented search functionality for Totals
  • Added functionality to remove all local data for Surveys when removing Sites from Favorites
  • Fixed issue where element color was not saved after duplicating
  • Fixed issue where the previously edited address field was not properly saved in Site Overview
  • Fixed issue where auto sync turned back on automatically after being manually turned off
  • Fixed discrepancy between app and web app showing different numbers of element profile accessories.
  • Corrected calculation error where additional length from “Installation” was not added to the total cable length in the cables module
  • Fixed display issue where a grey box was displayed when adjusting min/max angle
  • Fixed issue where flex cable was not available in the element palette
  • Updated icon for Set Scale Screen
  • Fixed issue where the all selected attributes did not sync to web
  • Fixed miscellaneous sync issues


1.078 (3/12/2024)

  • Fixed miscellaneous sync issus
  • Minor bug fixes

1.077 (3/6/2024)

New Features
  • Survey Search and Filter: Introduced search and filter to locate specific elements on a survey
  • Element Profile Container: Implemented Element Profile Container support
  • Totals: View a total of elements on a survey. Sort by Installation Status, Model, Element or Containers

Fixes & Enhancements

  • Improved Take a Photo: Improved interface for adding photos to elements
  • Improved Site List Loading: Decreased the time it takes to load the Site list
  • Improved Take Photo: Improved interface for adding photos to elements
  • Send A Link: Fixed the issue where surveys received from a link displayed incorrect elements
  • Element Profile Min and Max angles: Fixed issue where the minimum and maximum angles of Element Profiles were not enforced
  • Photos Syncing: Fixed miscellaneous issue where photos attached to elements did not sync
  • Survey Syncing: Fixed miscellaneous issue where sites and surveys did not sync 

1.0.69 (1/4/2024)

  • Added Read Only Element Info – Enlarged Photo View
  • Added Auto Sync Toggle On/Off in Account Settings
  • Fixed the ability to add or delete web links
  • Fixed Read Only Guest Users – Remove Release Edit and Start Editing Buttons
  • Fixed Add Web Links after EP is added
  • Fixed Element Profile Name Displaying when synced to web
  • Fixed issue where element attribute fields didn’t update correctly
  • Fixed the ability to cancel surveys syncing
  • Fixed Survey does not sync after adding cable type
  • Fixed the ability to delete multiple web links at a time
  • Fixed element ID mapping to correct field
  • Fixed the ability to sync photos with sub elements
  • Fixed error with Google Maps

1.0.67 (11/10/2023)

  • Fixed the ability upload photos within containers
  • Fixed the ability select sub elements within containers
  • Fixed the resolve conflicts when syncing surveys
  • Fixed miscellaneous sync errors
  • Added the ability to select element profile containers

1.0.66 (11/3/2023)

  • Fixed the issue where duplicate elements were created when synced to web
  • Fixed save when clicking back button
  • Fixed photos not syncing to web
  • Fixed photos within containers not syncing to web
  • Fixed the ability to delete web links
  • Fixed duplicating elements with element profiles
  • Fixed container dropdowns in Element Info
  • Added the ability to remove failed surveys from the Sync Queue
  • Added support for large form factor on Android

1.0.60 (10/16/2023)

  • Added the ability to send a Link to Sites and Surveys
  • Added the ability to duplicate a survey for Team Members
  • Added additional support for offline surveys
  • Added permission check for read-only Guest Users
  • Added design improvements to the login screen
  • Added the ability to report Survey errors
  • Added the ability to allow access to photos and camera
  • Added element count to Survey cards (thumbnails)
  • Fixed the ability to rotate PDF’s when creating Surveys
  • Fixed the issue where double tapping Surveys rendered the Surveys twice
  • Fixed issue where photos didn’t upload after a Survey conflict
  • Fixed duplicated elements with Element Profiles changing base element

1.0.57 (9/22/2023)

  • Added the ability to search for surveys on the Site Overview screen
  • Added the ability to globally change the Area of Coverage
  • Added the ability to reset the element colors to the default color
  • Added the ability to easily change the element size
  • Added troubleshooting to the sync queue
  • Added Send a Link for Sites and Surveys
  • Fixed the issue where photos did not sync to web
  • Fixed interment cases where photos did not attach to elements
  • Fixed permissions to prevent Guest Users from creating sites
  • Fixed Guest Users site access for inactive sites
  • Fixed the ability to view photos and PDF’s on the view only survey screen
  • Fixed the ability to duplicate elements without duplicating photos
  • Fixed miscellaneous syncing errors
  • Fixed the ability to display and edit Notes
  • Improved stability

1.0.55 (9/09/2023)

  • Added the ability to show the password on the login screen
  • Increased maximum zoom level
  • Removed ability to interact with elements hidden with a filter
  • Fixed bug that caused elements to move when zooming in and out
  • Fixed miscellaneous photo attachment upload issues
  • Improved stability
  • Fixed cable path lengths not syncing to web

1.0.52 (08/29/2023)

  • Fixed an issue where selection color was not visible in Drawing Tools
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Information Icon in the Sync Queue did not display text
  • Fixed an issue where updating to a new version of the app prevented users from clicking synced surveys 
  • Added the ability to Save Photos taken within the app the camera roll
  • Added the ability to take a photo from the Area of Coverage Tool Bar
  • Add the ability for Enterprise Accounts accounts to log in with SSO
  • Fixed repeated 405 errors being displayed
  • Fixed cable paths width issue
  • Fixed intermittent upload issues for element photo attachments

1.0.50 (08/10/2023)

  • Fixed an issue where the Survey titles were overlapping on PDF exports
  • Fixed  an issue where Element Profiles could be selected in view mode
  • Added the ability to see cable path end points connect to elements
  • Added the ability to search for sites on the Site List

1.0.48 (7/31/2023)

  • NEW* Entirely redesigned, modernized app that makes the best-in-class site survey and security system design app even better for streamlining accurate, professional physical security and technology system designs, proposals and lifecycle documentation.
  • *NEW* Updated, refreshed intuitive User Interface for easy, seamless site surveys to capture all details in one place. *NEW* Faster in-app performance and auto-synchronization to cloud platform for real-time collaboration from field to office and with partners and experts.
  • *NEW* Higher resolution floor plans and Google Earth map integrations making security system designs fast, clean, accurate and professional.
  • *NEW* Improved Drawing Tools and interactions allowing users to apply and modify shapes, lines and text to floorplans and photos quickly and easily.
  • *NEW* Improved interactions allowing users to move seamlessly between elements to adjust coverage areas or view element details.
System Surveyor 2.0