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Improved Handoffs. Team Collaboration. Smooth Delivery.

Updated As-Builts are Hard to Find

How can we serve customers without an accurate record?
Imagine remote access to a digital as-built security system, from anywhere.

Customer satisfaction and referrals at stake.

To deliver what sales has sold is the difference between a referrable customer and an unhappy customer. It’s that simple. It’s essential to get everything right through to the digital as-built, starting with an accurate site survey, detailed physical security system design, bill of materials and budget estimate.

Operating margins are squeezed enough.

With laser thin margins, every misstep has a consequence to the bottom line. Every operations team member wants to deliver the job right. Having to go back and order more security technology components and accessories because you made a miscalculation in the security system design process will cost time, money and customer satisfaction. Get it right the first time, every time and make your customers happy.

All the Information In One Place

A digital map and accurate system of record every time.

A digital, living as-built
No more relying on dusty paper floor plans or unreachable PDF markups. It’s all in System Surveyor.
Life-cycle project management
Providing operations with the full customer view of what is installed, when it was done, all the details.
Better information from sales
Gain consistent requirements and details from sales and be more informed to deliver on what was sold.
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Improving Handoffs Between Sales and Operations

Helping to deliver as a trusted advisor

Streamline your process and deliver your customers a picture-perfect installation with System Surveyor.  See how NAVCO made it happen — read the full case study.

“System Surveyor greatly helps the handoff between sales and operations by creating a ‘record of design intent’ so that we can create an accurate scope of work before drafting formal drawings. It saves a lot of time and increases accuracy for proposals which in turn speeds up sales.”
Glen Powell
Glen Powell
“I was exposed to this recently by our integrator. I am amazed at the increase in productivity while maintaining a high grade “as built” drawing that is easy to edit. The ability to insert photos is a nice touch. No reason to have a shoddy markup with this awesome tool!”
Wade Horton
Global Security

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