Digital As-Built

Create a Digital System of Record

A secure and readily accessible as-built available in the cloud. Tap into the digital as-built in the field or at the office to manage the system.

Once you’ve completed the site survey, create a detailed digital as-built with System Surveyor to share with your customer, team, subcontractors, and other stakeholders. The digital as-built, securely hosted in the cloud, includes all the project details of your physical security system design, including security devices and product specifications, costs, layout, contacts involved, and more. It becomes a living, dynamic system of record that simplifies the process of maintaining, updating and replacing components of the security system. Your customer decides later they want to install more cameras or change access control? No problem. You can collaborate together within the digital as-built in real time, drag and drop security devices and generate an automated bill of materials in seconds. With System Surveyor, you can increase both the lifetime value of the customer as well as your company’s total revenues and profit.

Increased Productivity & Efficiency.

From site survey to instant digital as-built

One-step from design and planning to a digital as-built record showing final details and specifications. Your digital as-built survey is stored in the cloud and accessible on the mobile app or from a browser.

A digital as-built removes paper floor plans, pictures on cell phones, spreadsheets and other time-consuming traditional methods from your site survey process. Everything is accessible on the mobile app making the hand-off to operations, installation and other teams more accurate and streamlined.

from site survey to digital as-built
a digital as-built is so much more than a drawing
More than a drawing – integrated photos, specifications, and more

A uniquely integrated as-built with drill down into related photos to show visual documentation and specifications. No more static system layouts.

With a digital as-built, you can make changes to your project anytime – add or remove video surveillance elements, access control elements or any of the hundreds of devices in our product catalog. While Sales took a picture at the first site walk on where a camera was desired, the installer can take a photo of the final install. Imagine the benefits of closing the loop with visual documentation and easy collaboration.

A digital as-built tied to bill of materials data

Accurate counts of system devices and elements all in one place with context-relevant access. No more disconnected spreadsheets.

With a digital as-built survey, sales documents, scopes of work and proposals are more consistent and accurate. The digital survey can be accessed by all parties and a Bill of Materials can be created in one click and exported as an excel or pdf document.

digital as-builts tied to your bill of materials
“I was exposed to this recently by our integrator. I am amazed at the increase in productivity while maintaining a high grade “as built” drawing that is easy to edit. The ability to insert photos is a nice touch. No reason to have a shoddy markup with this awesome tool!”
Wade Horton
Global Security

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