Solutions for Project Managers

Clear expectations. One-click for photos. Everything in one place.

Projects Suffer Without Clear Expectations

How much is lost when requirement hand-offs miss the mark?
Delivering for customers means knowing what they want

Lack of information has a domino effect.

A project manager’s friend or foe is information. The more accurate from the outset, the better the project delivery.

The smallest detail is the difference for us.

The project manager delivers on the customer’s dream and what sales has sold.  Without the full picture, there is risk of a poor customer experience and lower than desired project margins.  

Streamline Projects & Collaborate with Your Team

Understand the project scope and budget to delight customers.

Improve handoffs to optimize projects
Work seamlessly with sales, engineering, operations and subcontractors to efficiently deliver precisely the right solution on-time and on-budget.
Get a comprehensive view of the plan
Feel like you were at the site walk with all the details in one place including device requirements, photos, notes and critical dates.
Take the customer’s dream and make it reality
Be the ultimate project manager by pulling in team members, customers, partners and subs into one virtual plan.

Standardizing and Scaling a Consultative Process

Improves Collaboration for Team Spread Across the U.S.

Streamline your process and run your business more consistently with System Surveyor.  See how NAVCO made it happen — read the full case study.
“System Surveyor helps us have one team, one face so that everything is interchangeable.”
Glen Powell
Glen Powell
“The tool has cleaned up a number of outstanding procedural problems for us. I have printed some of the design diagrams, taken them to meetings, and blown away the other facilities folks!”
Security Facilities Manager
Government Institution

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