Solutions for System Integrator Technicians

Be Prepared. Reduce Truck Rolls. Delight Customers.

Installing Without Details is Frustrating

How can you be ready the first time, every time?
Being prepared makes customers happy and reduces costs.

One missing detail results in a go-back.

Every technician has faced it – the go-back for one more cable. Eliminating them is the difference between a happy customer and a profitable project or the other way around.

Without pictures, mistakes happen.

A door installed in the wrong place or a video surveillance camera pointing the other direction is costly. Pictures are worth a thousand words – but only if the technician has them.

Reduce Truck Rolls with Digital Details

Access to all the details ensures a smooth install, the first time.

Access the digital plan in the field
Use a mobile device to access detailed work orders and update status in real-time.
View photos and device details
Instead of a static print out of a floor plan, get photos of customer desired installation and detailed device information.
See installation notes and dates in one place
More than a checklist, a place to update status in the field. Take a picture to close the loop.

Operating from One Design Plan

Improving service while saving time and money

System Surveyor allows instant collaboration across teams. Read more about the impact System Surveyor provides for the team at Konica Minolta.

“Once the integrator begins the installation using System Surveyor, it works flawlessly. By using the tool to collaborate across organizational boundaries, the extended team can deliver better, faster results. Operating from one design plan, everyone is on the same digital page.”
Daniel Kozich
Dan Kozich
Konica Minolta Business Solutions
“If you want to bring in a camera into a floor plan, you just put your finger on it, drag and drop it, and it’s there. You can also quickly identify what access control is on each door. In a campus with 85 buildings, I now have an asset management inventory and the ability to pull detailed reports.”
Ed Pfieffer
Saint Louis University

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