3 Ways to Use Digital Design to Get on the Same Page With School Security

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Campus security is a multi-faceted challenCampus Securitye for school leaders. It requires collaboration with many stakeholders to keep students, teachers and everyone on a campus safe. To be sure, security technology has an important role to play to improve safety for school districts and campuses with multiple buildings and facilities. But, for it to be effective, the application and management of the technology requires a broad consensus among key players.

One of the common challenges is to get everyone on the same page including campus security managers, administrators, and faculty, as well as emergency responders and vendors. In an environment where everyone has responsibility for student safety, collaboration is essential to success. It is not uncommon to use paper floor plans, fire escape plans, and drawings to identify where video surveillance cameras, access control systems, intrusion detection, fire alarms and other elements of an electronic security system are in use on campus. A visual map of how security technologies work together and the status of those assets is vital to understanding the campus security posture.

Unfortunately, paper floor plans are rarely updated, making security planning even more challenging. This is where digital system design and planning tools come in.

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