[A 5-Part Series] Tips to Use System Surveyor: #1 SALES

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TipSaless to meet the full potential of System Surveyor, a game-changing graphical system design and management tool.

For system integrators and security managers, the tool fills a major void to efficiently manage the complete system life cycle including:


  1. SALES*
  2. Design
  3. Installation
  4. Service
  5. Maintenance

While this post is more oriented to consultants and integrators who sell and implement Security, Fire, AV, IT or other systems, the efficiency achieved is beneficial to enterprise technology managers as well.  It creates faster, better, and more informed proposals as well as accurate implementations.

Topic #1 SALES:

A day in the life of an integrator can be harried.  Doing a site walk with a customer is often rushed and information must be gathered quickly yet thoroughly.  Prospects want the proposal yesterday! It may be a competitive bid requiring responsiveness.

A graphical system design tool on a mobile tablet enables:

  • All site information to be captured in one secure location.
  • Smaller margin for error.
  • More detailed, visual requirements gathering with pictures.
  • Accurate proposals that can be delivered fast and efficiently.

Here are tips on how to get started with System Surveyor in order to achieve these benefits with your sales team.

  1. Help everyone on the team become acquainted with how to collaborate with customers, installers, and engineers using a System Surveyor Team Account.
  2. Instead of saving to a PDF file to print or email to colleagues and customers, send an access link securely through System Surveyor.
  3. Sync your surveys after updates and select “release edit” so other team members can update the survey information if necessary.
  4. Eliminate using paper floor plans and move all clients to the electronic floor plan feature of System Surveyor.
  5. When creating a survey, load the floor plan onto the Cloud Workspace in advance and conduct a preliminary system design if appropriate. Then sync it to your mobile tablet to make changes while on site.
  6. Customize documentation with your system integrator logo. Available on System Surveyor Team edition.


Each of these tips will help SALES users utilize System Surveyor to its potential in order to attract and communicate with customers. By using System Surveyor, projects become more organized, securely collaborative, and efficient. Each of these aspects are attractive qualities customers are looking for from system professionals.

The next blog will cover aspects of System DESIGN and tips on how to use System Surveyor to better manage your System Design process.

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