The Apple iPad Pro™ has arrived! Ideal for Security Professionals

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The iPad Pro is here, and the reviews are in. TIME calls it “the best computer Apple has ever made.” We’re excited about it too and think that System Surveyor and the iPad Pro make a perfect match.

The following features of the iPad Pro enable next level performance and efficiency with System Surveyor both in the field and back at the office leveraging the cloud.

The iPad Pro comes with LTE and WiFi connectivity options, meaning you never have to worry about whether or not you have the right floor plan files. Access them via native storage space or through file sharing services like Dropbox which already integrates into System Surveyor.

The iPad Pro includes a 12.9 inch retina display, that according to Apple provides a “canvas designed for your biggest ideas.” Not only does that mean more real estate for your work space, but the 5.6 million pixels make it possible to display 4K images without distortion.

Additionally, the iPad Pro provides double the CPU performance than the iPad Air 2 with the new A9X chip. This gives users the processing power of a laptop with the space and weight economy of a tablet. When typing is require, a keyboard can easily be attached.

Another important feature of the iPad Pro is the introduction of the Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil is a new stylus that was designed with precision in mind. Traditional styluses have problems with lag time and responsiveness. Apple claims to have alleviated these problems with the Apple Pencil, specifically for the iPad Pro.

System Surveyor enables security professionals to capture specific security system and infrastructure information using powerful, mobile software, and now Apple has the hardware to match. Try the System Surveyor app on your new iPad Pro by searching “System Surveyor” in the Apple App Store or click here.

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