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Containers [Feature of the Week]

Making System Design Detailed, But Clean – with Containers

System Surveyor takes a layered approach to security system design.  Some types of equipment include multiple components and that doesn’t always translate well on a 2 dimensional floor plan.  Fortunately, software takes away this limitation by allowing us drill down with a series of clicks. To take advantage of this benefit, we created the concept of Containers.

Containers are Elements that contain other Elements. This is done by simply dragging and dropping any Composite Element (round shape) over a Container Element (shape with a border). To display the Sub-element, select Expand on the Menu bar. We provide a number on the Container Element to show how many items are inside.

By using this feature, the design is clean while maintaining the level of detail you need to properly install and maintain the electronic security system.

Make sure you are on the latest version of System Surveyor to take advantage of this feature, visit the App Store on your iPad.

These screen shots give the idea:




Container Elements


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