Corporate & Campus Physical Security Leaders: 5 Reasons to Go Digital & Document

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The following report is based upon a third-party study with corporate and campus physical security leaders who use System Surveyor to help them manage their security systems and assets. On average, these leaders report a 40% improvement in time and efficiency savings among other key benefits.

Physical security teams are tasked with keeping employees and visitors safe while juggling a wide range of responsibilities including risk mitigation, technology implementations, budgeting, vendor management, governance and project oversight. It’s a daunting task; especially when they cannot always be physically
present at their dozens or hundreds of locations.

Current outdated methods of managing critical safety and security systems increases risk and inhibits responsiveness for global Fortune 1000 companies, large healthcare systems, and sprawling education campuses.

5 Benefits of a Digital System Design Platform

System Surveyor is a mobile, collaborative system design and management platform. It is purpose-built for the needs of physical security and technology managers. It allows for easy implementation of a floor plan, simple drag-and-drop of devices, the ability to capture and associate pictures, and automation of asset reports for standards, budgeting, and procurement plans.

1. Digital Documentation

2. Visual Collaboration & Communication

3. Easy-to-Use for Non-Technical Personnel

4. Standards Management

5. Remote Made Easy: Be There, Without Being There


Survey Findings: 200 Pros Weigh-In

Download the 2022 Physical Security Benchmark Study to find out industry challenges and suggestions of how to solve them.