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How Security System Design will Change in 2016?


Security System Design

What will security system design look like in 2016?

As a security system design professional, what are your resolutions? Status quo or breakthrough changes ahead…

If your security system design and service New Year’s resolutions are like mine, they may look like this:

  • engage and better serve customers
  • embrace innovative new technologies
  • work with our team to become more efficient, and
  • provide rock-solid security solutions to constituents.

These are all important resolutions and 2016 represents an opportunity to actually make good on them. The question is whether the status quo of how we do things now will help us get there.

There are recent innovations that have not been fully realized in terms of business value. Many businesses are starting to embrace new cloud-based tools that are improving efficiency. Some are using mobile tablets and smart phones, i.e. those super computers in our pockets, more effectively for business. But, if you are like me, I often only tap into 10-20% of the capabilities available, missing out on the power and opportunity these innovations offer both personally and professionally.

Security system design and lifecycle management represents a lot more room to truly embrace the cloud, mobile and other technologies that can improve and revolutionize the way we work.

For example, as a security system design and services industry, most of us take photos during a site survey or maintenance call with tablets or phones and try to associate them back at the office with drawings and other notes, often unable to do it without making mistakes. We use Dropbox or other file or PDF sharing cloud solutions to access plans from different locations or to collaborate. These tools are helpful, but the reality is that we’re still “brute forcing” many tools to try to get the productivity gains that we seek.

So, what are we missing?

We think great business “applications” and breakthroughs come from using technologies and innovations that apply to specific business processes, making them an extension of our daily work. Physical security leaders and integrators need a tool and platform that enables them to do their job of managing the full lifecycle of security systems, including design, installation and maintenance by capturing and managing a living, breathing plan that can be adapted quickly as an organization changes. A tool that is easily accessible on a mobile tablet in the field or back at the office from a Cloud Workspace. Establishing an electronic system of record and adaptable plan that can be securely shared with team members and customers for real collaboration.

Does that sound different than what we are doing today as an industry? Imagine all of your customer or internal records for access control, surveillance, intrusion detection, IT systems and more in one place.  Imagine an electronic plan; accessible and easily updated in the face of a dynamic workplace, campus or facility and security environment.

If this concept intrigues you, check out our new webinar: How Designing Security Systems will Change in 2016. We’re bullish about revolutionizing the way we work in 2016 and beyond, for the better. Come with us.

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