System Surveyor: Integration’s Gamechanger

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Say goodbye to paper cuts.


Picture a jumbled integrator ⁠— let’s call him Mr. Messy. He’s juggling papers, site photos, spreadsheets, and notes, and they’re spilling everywhere. His face is heating up. His client taps his foot. He’s sweating. His papers are sticking to him. He drops his pen. “Uh, one moment, it’s in here somewhere….”

Now, take a deep breath. Picture an organized integrator: the esteemed Sir Smooth. He graces every project site with a tablet in hand, snapping photos as he goes. With a few effortless swipes, he navigates from notes to pictures to real-time data, everything neatly laid out on his digital floor plan. He’s equipped for a simple response to every request and prepared for any challenge that might cross his path. He’s transparent and professional, walking his client through the details with direct visual references and instantly generated reports. He can’t remember the last time he got a paper cut.

These stories may seem like fables, but they’re far from fantasy. Even though 82% of system integrators  still use pencils and papers and relate to Mr. Messy, the golden ticket to the wonderful world of Sir Smooth is way more accessible than you might think.

It’s called System Surveyor, and it’s an intelligent Customer Engagement software that enables you to manage the entire integration on a screen: from design, to installation, to inventory, even maintenance. It’s akin to gathering all of your project’s eggs into a virtual basket. You don’t even have to visit the site to start designing — just import the address from Google Maps and hop onto a Zoom meeting with your prospect for a virtual site survey. Plus, since you can communicate with your team and end user directly on the software, entire projects can be done remotely. This makes it highly Covid-friendly; no two people need to be in the same room at any point. With this powerful tool, an entire team of system integrators, manufacturers, and end users can collaborate from afar. Many integrators who have tried System Surveyor out of social-distancing necessity have gone on to realize how game-changing it is all around.

The life of a jumbled paper juggler is a struggle ⁠— but it doesn’t have to be your struggle.

Wait, you just got System Surveyor. Okay, look again.

Now that, my friend, is the face of Sir Smooth.

Ready to try the Gamechaning software?  Get a complimentary System Surveyor account to try it free.

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