Duplicating Elements [Feature of the Week]

Making Site Walks More Efficient, Easy and Accurate by Duplicating Elements

We understand what it’s like to do system design site walks when you’re under time constraints. System Surveyor was built to provide a comprehensive checklist of data you need to collect for security system design. Think of it as an intelligent survey. But what happens when you have dozens of cameras or doors and your point of contact is rushing you through the facility?  It can be time consuming to capture all the details on each system element. The other day, we spoke to a security integrator that took 1,000 site survey pictures and collected the details for all of them in one day, for one client.

That’s why we created the Duplicate Element feature.  Once an Element is filled out, hit “Duplicate” from the menu bar and another similar Element will appear. All information that will cause a conflict is taken out automatically, but we leave in everything else to minimize data re-entry.

These screen shots give the idea:

Duplicating Elements

Duplicating elements















Capturing different details for each element:















This is a great way to speed up time in the field without compromising on accuracy.  Try it out for yourself, download the app and get a complimentary, fully functional basic subscription.