More new features in our latest release

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Our System Surveyor team continues to add key improvements and features at a nice clip.

These are the updates in V2.6 available now that you don’t want to miss.

  1. Increased limits on the subscriptions and updates to the Team pricing modelsee here.
  2. Provide option for user to reset element icon size on the floor plan edit view. Also, provide additional size options for elements.
  3. Allow user to update / replace floor plan canvas on floor plan edit view.
  4. Allow user to email or print floor plan image with elements and applied filters from floor plan edit view.
  5. Add photo option on element menu control – eliminates need to launch attribute window to take a photo for an element.
  6. Added “To be removed” install status on element attribute window.
  7. Enable copy & cut & paste image from an element to another element.
  8. Continuous improvements to UI and user experience.

Please visit the App Store to download the latest version and going forward, versions will auto-update.

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Latest Release System Surveyor

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