System Surveyor Simplifies the Design and Maintenance of Electronic Security Systems

September 8, 2015

New iPad Based App Captures Floor Plans, Photos and Notes All in One Place

Austin, Texas: System Surveyor simplifies the way professionals design and administer the rapidly proliferating electronic security systems (ESS) in corporate, government and school facilities. Security and facility managers, IT staff and systems integrators can now use the iPad® based tool to import floor plans, drag and drop system elements such as video surveillance cameras, and capture functional requirements, photos and notes for multiple sites – all in one place.

System Surveyor improves the quality and accuracy of system design, reduces design mistakes, enables faster system implementations, eliminates the cost and difficulties of CAD, and allows updates to system information and maintenance records for multiple sites. With the iPad’s voice to text features, users can easily and quickly add notes and also collaborate with technicians, vendors and colleagues to increase the efficiency of system design and ongoing management.

“For years, the efficient design and administration of ESS systems has been a challenge for corporate and government security managers as well as system integrators, who gather and keep system information on notepads, through cell phone pictures and paper floor plans – and the information becomes outdated quickly.” said Maureen Carlson, director of marketing for System Surveyor. “System Surveyor simplifies the process and makes it exceptionally easy and cost effective to manage the scale and complexity of physical security systems.”

“Our company supports many corporate and government entities which have a wide variety of systems components across multiple locations throughout Texas. System Surveyor has greatly improved our ability to efficiently gather information in the field and retrieve it later to know precisely where every device is located as well as essential information about each device. It will allow us to streamline our design process and provide even better service to our clients.” Phil Lake, president, Knight Security Systems, a Texas based security systems integrator.

System Surveyor provides support for multiple system types including:

  • Electronic Access Control Systems
  • Video Surveillance Cameras and Systems
  • Intrusion Alarm Systems
  • Information Technology Systems
  • Additional use case information