System Surveyor Streamlines Video Surveillance Design with Camera Advisor

New feature quickly determines the right camera for an organization’s precise video surveillance needs

CHICAGO – Sept. 10, 2019 – Today at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) in Chicago, System Surveyor launched Camera Advisor to assist with video surveillance camera selection. Augmenting the System Surveyor intelligent system design platform, Camera Advisor lets security professionals visually collaborate with customers on-site in real time to quickly and accurately choose the right camera for their specific mission-critical surveillance requirements.

With System Surveyor, security professionals can begin by establishing the customer need – including the desired image resolution and distance – to calculate the required resolution (vs. many “pixel calculators” that start with a specific camera model). For example, a System Surveyor user could apply a camera to a survey, adjust the area of coverage to a depth of 50 feet with a 20 degree horizontal field of view, and then select a target resolution level. Camera Advisor will determine the appropriate resolution to achieve the intended result.

“Camera Advisor provides one more unique way that System Surveyor helps our customers get video surveillance systems right the first time,” said Chris Hugman, CEO of System Surveyor. “Camera Advisor enables visual consultation with customers in the field, removing the guesswork from camera selection, saving time, and ensuring that everyone can achieve their security objectives.”

Beyond video surveillance, the System Surveyor intelligent system design platform enables extended teams to plan and manage systems such as access control, intrusion detection, facility equipment, fire alarms, IT, AV, and more. The platform gathers all system requirements in a single place, giving users the ability to upload or create floor plans, capture photos, drag and drop elements, develop system layouts, specify required products such as cameras, and more. This makes design, hand-offs, and management easier, faster and more accurate – from the initial site walk to post-installation service calls.

System Surveyor is available on Apple iPad and Android tablets, as well as any web browser. Camera Advisor is included on both the single and multi-lens camera elements for standard or corridor format. View the video for more information. System Surveyor is available on any web browser and can be downloaded for iPad or Android. A free version is available here:

System Surveyor is exhibiting in booth #1680 at GSX. Stop by and test drive the System Surveyor platform – the digital map for IoT – featuring Camera Advisor.

About System Surveyor

The System Surveyor mobile, SaaS-based platform enables everyone involved in system design, installation, and maintenance to collaborate on an unprecedented scale. Working together in one system of record, professionals can better plan and manage the systems organizations rely on every day: video surveillance, access control, fire alarm, IT, building automation, AV, healthcare, and more. From system integrators to end customers to subcontractors, the benefits are increased sales, faster project completions, higher satisfaction, and enhanced long-term service levels. Try the product for free (limited number of surveys). Based in Austin, Texas, System Surveyor can be found at

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