System Surveyor is more than just a cool system design tool.

Manage the complete life cycle of systems.
Planning. Sales. System Design. Installation. Service. Maintenance.

Camera Advisor

  • Visually consult with customer or stakeholder
  • Identify area of coverage and calculate resolution need at distance
  • Prescribe the perfect surveillance camera
  • No more trial and error

Easily Drag, Drop & Position Elements on the Floor Plan

  • Select from four different System Types with over 50 different generic elements
  • Multiple systems distinguished by color on the same floor plan
  • Use Containers to associate multiple related components and reduce clutter
  • Visual indication of element status such as “In Place” or “Proposed”

Capture Floor Plans from the Camera or Cloud File Sharing

  • Import floor plans on the fly
  • Create a system of record for existing and planned devices
  • Securely collaborate on plans
  • Set plans to scale

Photo Capture, Annotate and Associate

  • Launch the camera directly from the interface
  • Use annotation tools to mark and add notes
  • Automatically associate with the specific device
  • Easy retrieval and review – on your tablet or on-line

System Elements with Scripts

  • Video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Intrusion detection
  • IT assets
  • Audio-Visual (AV) Systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Building automation
  • Life safety
  • Intelligent site surveys

Area of Coverage Control and Containers

  • Use Area of Coverage control to show camera view
  • Smart component detail settings
  • Containers for grouping multiple components together
  • Duplicate elements to eliminate need for re-entry
  • Capture post-installation and maintenance details

Team Library for Site and Survey Sharing

  • Surveys available to all other team members for review or edit
  • Users can group Sites together to accommodate organizations with multiple sites
  • Create folders for Surveys within a Site for campuses with multi-floor buildings
  • Share survey web page including passcode protection and expiration

Manage Multisite, Complex projects

  • Manage multiple projects
  • Multiple sites
  • User and admin settings for teams
  • Easily update system records, streamline “as-built” updates

Built for Secure Access and Collaboration

  • Browser based access to survey information
  • Securely collaborate with other team members
  • Benefits for everyone: sales, project managers, technicians, engineers, designers, service manager, corporate security managers
  • Administer your System Surveyor Team account

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Reports dashboard with multiple report options
  • Element summary & detail reports as well as a “Photo Tour” report
  • Export survey attributes to PDF, CSV or Excel file

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