Key Takeaways from the SS&I 2022 Software Deep Dive Report

7 Minute Read

In its 2022 Software Deep Dive Report, SS&I reveals how System Integrators are using software on the market today.  We took a look at the report and share our key takeaways below. To download a copy and read the full report, visit the SS&I website.  


Investment in software solutions leads to a 16% increase in profitability

Business management software is gaining ground in the physical security system industry – and companies are seeing the positive effect the investment has on the bottom line and on meeting customer expectations.  The conveniences and efficiencies gained with business software are also major advantages. 


Top 8 Ways Software Aids Security Integrators

Faster installations, improvement in documentation, more sales wins and better client communications are among the top 8 ways software has aided security integrators.  We tend to agree. In fact, System Surveyor customers have enjoyed a 20% improvement in sales close rate and a 10% improvement in gross margins for years.  Use our ROI calculator to find out how much your security system sales revenue could grow with System Surveyor.   


Cloud-based, Industry-specific and Integration between Solutions are on the Wish List

Cloud-based business software solutions are gaining ground with close to 40% of survey respondents preferring this option. They would also like to see software solutions built specifically for the physical security system integrator industry, and those that “connect all the pieces of the puzzle.”  While our opinion is that it is hard to be everything to everyone, having API integrations between best-in-class applications is the most common way to be successful in software. You know the old adage, “you can’t be everything to everyone”. 

Word-of-Mouth Still Wins

The #1 way of finding new software?  Through referrals from other physical security system integrators.  That makes all the sense as we all trust our peers and colleagues – those who know what it is like out in the trenches.   We can back this stat, too – word of mouth is the top way people find System Surveyor’s security system design and collaboration software


The SS&I Software Deep Dive report is full of interesting stats and opinions about the future of the Security Integrator industry. As a purpose-built security system design software app and platform, System Surveyor is ahead of the game, and so is our user community as a result. If you’re looking to streamline your business, desire to look more professional in the field with customers, and want to automate more of your security system design processes, it may be time to take a deeper dive on how we can help. Contact us today to schedule a demo of System Surveyor to discuss your specific use case.