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Projects Get Done Right the First Time– When You Have the Right Tools

The right tools

The Right Tools for the Job

Do You Have The Right Tools?

Have you ever started a home project with the best of intentions, but the amount of time and frustration don’t seem worth the effort?

If you’re like me, a project turns into several back and forth trips to Home Depot, borrowing tools from neighbors, and a few choice words with my spouse.

I bring up this analogy because after working for years as a security system integrator, one of the biggest frustrations with projects is not having the right tools for the job.  Whether I’m focused on a design project or going out to do maintenance on a previous installation, the back and forth and inaccuracies push my time and my patience.  It just does not seem to be as efficient and “right the first time” as it could be.  This has hard and soft costs to it, not just for me but also for my customers.

This is where the concept of System Surveyor was founded.  What if we had the right tools for the job? What if we could reduce design and maintenance inaccuracies? What if we had an accurate, real-time system of record? What if we could collaborate more efficiently on projects midstream?  What if we could tap into mobile devices and the cloud more effectively for our business?

As a result, security professionals and system integrators are excited with a new toolset that we’ve created and we’re getting a lot of incredible response.  One of our new system integrator users in Florida said it well:

“I keep adding surveys and the benefits just keep compounding! This is the easiest survey tool I have used to date and it makes my life of data collection more of a pleasure than a pain! .  We are making it [System Surveyor] our standard in our office for all surveys to improve on the accuracy of our surveys and the execution of the work after the award. You have nailed it perfectly! Keep it coming.” David Fogle, Star Asset Security, a PSA company.

Thank you for the vote of confidence.  David is challenging us to think about other important features and capabilities, and we are listening and responding first hand.

We invite you to try System Surveyor and experience the toolset for your business. You can download it on the iPad here and use a free basic account.  You can also find it in the App Store by searching “System Surveyor”. If you don’t have an iPad, contact us for a demo. We’ve want to talk to you about the options.

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